Betty • The words then diminish into the distance, and we see a striped orange planet (Jupiter). Rhonda • CatDog's Parents • Unlike the other failed experiments, she is not mindless and doesn't mind voicing exactly how she feels. Chester McBadbat • The series follows a teenage boy who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world and the "Ghost Zone", becomes a human-ghost hybrid and takes on the task of saving his town (and the world) from subsequent ghost attacks using an evolving variety of supernatural powers. Patrick • Ketta • It was produced by Billionfold Studios and distributed in Canada by Nelvana, a Canadian animation company. Dil • The band consists of vocalist-rhythm guitarist Alex Greenwald, lead guitarist Darren Robinson, bassist Sam Farrar and drummer Jeff Conrad. Her pants are black with streaks of white on the sides that come down to her boots that are also white. Trevor then reveals that The Moon King Is The Ruler Of The Planet, Once again, words appear in the tail of the meteor, only this time they are white, and the read "Phantom Planet". Dennis O'Bannon • Factory", "Danny Phantom: The Final Season - DVD - Shout! Hobby Hector Casagrande • Change #REDIRECT Danny Phantom#Season 3: 2006-2007 to #REDIRECT List of Danny Phantom episodes#Season 3 (2006–07). Danny Phantom Dan Danger | 2. He tried to accomplish this by making clones of Danny Phantom, using Danny's half-ghost DNA. Zach • Bolin • Dot and Randy | Most of their friends could not attend because they were still in high school. Following the events of the original show's final episode, "Phantom Planet," the infamous summer has ended, so the series begins on the first day of school. It was released September 19, 2006. Danny shown to be small for his age, he has two different forms of appearance; as a human his face structure and facial texture is similar to that of his Mother Maddie Fenton, however his hair and eyes resemble those of his father Jack Fenton. Tucker Foley • Trixie | Rachel Bighead • [citation needed] Additionally, Danny Phantom has spawned video games, home video releases, toys, and various other merchandise. It serves as a central plot element of the final Danny Phantom episode, " Phantom Planet," in which it is hurtling towards Earth on an apocalyptic collision course. Randolph Grant • Dan Phantom is the evil full-ghost version of Danny Phantom, created by the fusion of the ghost-halves of the show's protagonist and the show's antagonist, Vlad Plasmius. Do-Gooder Angelica • Tigress • Gary • Add new page. Zix, Travoltron and Tee • Bev Bighead • Lisa • Murray "The Mule" Marconi • Leni • Freddy • Register Start a Wiki. Helga • In "Kindred Spirits," Vlad sent Dani on a mission to capture Danny so that Vlad could take the DNA samples he needed for his perfect clone. He either fights or perishes, which is a heavy choice for a sensitive guy.”[52], Learn how and when to remove this template message, SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom,,, "Search Reviews, Articles, People, Trailers and more at Metacritic - Metacritic", "Nickelodeon Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle", Danny Phantom DVD news: Announcement for Danny Phantom - Season 1 (general retail) |, Danny Phantom DVD news: Announcement for Danny Phantom - Season 2, Part 2 |, "Danny Phantom: Ghost Hunter - DVD | Shout! Carlino Casagrande • Duke • Randolphoran • Rita • Veronica • Danny and Trevor both find themselves on Planet Elroys, where Trevor is from and where he regains his Space form. Family Origin Mark Chang • Tammy • Winslow T. Oddfellow • Charlotte • Monkey • Ben, Skipper • Lola • She then found out that the "perfect clone" Vlad was trying to create was was not her, but a male clone designed to be just like Danny. Nadine • Chuck and Leon • ", "Nicktoons Danny Phantom 6 Inch Articulated Action Figure", "Keep It 2000: 8 Cartoons From The '00s That Hold Up (And 7 That Don't)", "5 TV Shows That Need to Make a Comeback". Everest • Frida Puga Casagrande • Shifu • Danny faces threats of many kinds, including vengeful ghost hunter Valerie Gray (Cree Summer) who, for a short period of time, becomes his love interest,[5] an enemy half-ghost Vlad Masters (Martin Mull), an old college friend of his father's and considered to be Danny's true arch-rival,[6] and even his own parents who, as ghost hunters, view Danny Phantom (as they would and do to any ghosts) as nothing but a menace to human society. Poof • Phantom Planet is an alternative rock band from Southern California. When he transforms into Danny Phantom, his hair becomes snow white, his eyes become glowing green, and his skin changes from light to tanned. A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! Carlitos Casagrande • Sven Hoek • Rusty • But, as is the case with so many contemporary cartoons, the rush to violence overshadows the good aspects of the series. In the tail of the meteor, black words edged with white appear, reading "Danny Phantom in". Pearl • He tried to accomplish this by making clones of Danny Phantom, using Danny's half-ghost DNA. Vlad konstruierte dort einen Geisterportal Prototyp. Sheen Estevez • Das einzige was über Vlads Vergangenheit bekannt ist war dass er zusammen mit seinem besten Freund Jack Fenton und seiner großen Liebe Maddie auf der Universität von Wisconsin-Madison waren. Alias Edward and Emo | When he came, she introduced herself to him as Danielle, his third cousin once removed, and they quickly formed a bond despite Danny's suspicion. Vlad never faltered in showing love and affection to his "daughter," and Dani never faltered in her de… Stimpy • Nora Wakeman • Mervis • (featuring Youngblood) and "Seeing Red" (featuring Undergrowth). This time, before Danny enters the Portal, Sam replaces the logo of his father's face on the jumpsuit, which she also had removed the first time (if she hadn't, it would have been part of Danny's ghost form), with her newly designed "DP" fused-letter logo on the chest so that it appears when he goes ghost from then on. Super Santa | Okra | Tracker • [22], There have been two video games released for the main series. Human-Ghost Clone PhysiologyNearly the same ghost powers as Danny Phantom Liam • There's no opportunity to work things out. Clembrane, Timmy Turner • Libby Folfax • [7] Throughout the progression of the series, Danny slowly realizes his own potential and purpose, while both worlds slowly begin to accept him as their defender. This should be an uncontroversial edit as content has moved. Stella Zhau, Leonardo • Goddard • Sheldon Lee • She is voiced by (renowned child now-teen) actress Anna Sophia Robb (Because of Winn-Dixie, Soul Surfer, Race to Witch Mountain, The Reaping, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bridge to Terabithia) in her first appearance, and later by Krista Swan. Danny Phantom: Captain Planet Supershow VII: Dec. 1, 2019 Danny Phantom/Space Ghost: Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith: UDW Super Smash Dec. 22, 2019 Bane/Jason Voorhees: Danny Phantom/Space Ghost Budokai Tenkaichi II: Jan. 24, 2020 Captain Planet: Danny Phantom, Scorpion, Yusuke Urameshi: UDW Super Smash Feb. 10, 2020 Danny Phantom/Space Ghost: André the Giant/The Mask Coast to … Cosmo • Zuma • Cindy Vortex • Marianne, GIR • Luan • The show is about Danny Fenton, a teenage boy who gained ghost powers through an accident in his parents' lab, who takes on the alter ego of Danny Phantom to save his town and the world from ghost attacks, all while struggling through school and his teenage life. Michelangelo • Once inside, he inadvertently presses the "On" button (which his parents naively failed to do), thus activating the Portal and infusing his DNA with ectoplasm, transforming him into a half-ghost.[3]. Carlota Casagrande • 20:21. Wikis. The Semprini Triplet, Eliza • Francois Turbot • Maddie Fenton • Er möchte seinen eigenen Danny, den er als sein… Powers/Skills Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Barnacle Boy • The right part of her shirt is white and the left part is black, divided diagonally down, and she wears a white left glove and a black right glove. Sam, Tucker, and Jazz are Danny's primary allies in his ghost-fighting activities,[4] and help him keep his ghost-half a secret. Furthermore, Danny tries to keep his secret safe from his classmates, teachers, and family. Harold • He is aided in his quest by his two best friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, and later, his sis… Herb | Kira • Phoebe • Marshall • Lalo, Tommy • Mr. Krabs • He is aided in his quest by his two best friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, and later, his sister Jazz, who for most of the series' run are among the only people who know of his double life.[2]. The Disasteroid is a giant asteroid floating through outer space that is made up entirely of the anti-ghost element ecto-ranium. Mrs. Turner • Danny Fenton has black hair and blue eyes. Mama Cosma, Jimmy Neutron • Raphael • She then attacks Vlad and, after defeating him, she once again leaves to roam the world. Vlad never faltered in showing love and affection to his "daughter," and Dani never faltered in her desire to serve her "father.". All of his attempts failed except for one, which resulted in a half-ghost girl whom Vlad named Danielle. Freddy Seymore | Rocky • Sick and Tired The show revolves around a fourteen-year-old kid who was half human and half ghost, after a lab accident with his father's unpredictable "Fenton Portal". Larry the Lobster, Lincoln • Roachie • Crash Nebula • In ghost form, her skin, hair, and costume are of the same color scheme as Danny's. Over time, he develops much stronger abilities, such as his Ghost Ray (a concentrated blast of energy he fires from his hand), his Ghostly Wail (an intensely powerful scream with sonic capabilities that knocks back anything caught in its path), and even cryokinesis. Betty Quinlan • Moon Juju • To mix in time traveling while Danny battled a pure evil ghost, Butch Hartman realized the worst enemy for Danny Phantom to fight would be an evil version of himself. Mermaid Man & Find a cure for her unstable body (succeeded) Grandpa Phil • Brainy • Luna • A very willful and somewhat tomboyish girl, she's a lot like Danny, only more cheerful and childish. Howard • Wanda • Roxy, Po • The series aired on CBC and YTV in Canada. Danny Phantom 3-49 Frightmare. Danny Phantom 301 Urban Jungle. Art | Using one of his parents' inventions, Danny rescues Dani and stabilizes her body using his father’s Ecto-Dejecto. Grandma Gertie • 21:51. Sam Manson • [27] Danny Phantom also made several appearances in Nickelodeon Magazine, including original comics "Brat's Entertainment!" Sergio • Voiced by David Kaufman Daniel "Danny" Fenton, also known as Danny Phantom, is the main protagonist of the series. [48], Danny Phantom was well received by both television critics and audiences. The show was full of action and humor, and the characters felt real and layered. Iroh • Sid Chang • • Skoodge • If you're looking for an old Nickelodeon cartoon to rewatch, Danny Phantom should be on your list.”[50] Eric McInnis writing for Study Breaks Magazine said, “The show offered fun comedy, memorable characters, and fantastic character designs for the enemies Danny had to fight in each episode.”[51] Joly Herman of Common Sense Media wrote more negatively of Danny Phantom, saying that, “This cartoon can be funny, and the characters are unique. Clockwork • Rubble • Sam MansonTucker Foley He wears a white T-shirt with a thin red collar, red cuffs, and a red circle in the middle, light blue jeans, and red-and-white sneakers. KIL-R, Bloom • A video game of the same name, based on this episode, was also released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS consoles. Darwin • Daniel Fenton atau dipanggil akrabnya Danny adalah anak … Phil • The meteor zooms past the planet and whizzes past the screen. Lynn Sr. • Danny Phantom ist eine Zeichentrickserie, die seit 17. Claudette • Elise | Vlad Masters/Plasmius Vega, Danny Phantom • Vlad, desperately lonely despite his wealth, conducted a series of experiments with the aim of creating the perfect half-ghost son for himself. Abby • Sid • Obie | Frostbite • Akridgesteven. Death threats, torture, knives, and violence against women are commonplace. Factory", "DANNY PHANTOM FIGURES BURGER KING FROM 2005", "Remember the Fairly OddParents & Danny Phantom Burger King toys? In "D-Stabilized," Dani's instability finally caught up to her, which would cause her body to spontaneously melt into a puddle of ectoplasm without warning. AntonioAcku1247. Danny Phantom is a Nicktoon created by Butch Hartman (who also created The Fairly OddParents, T.U.F.F. Valerie was working for Vlad, however, and tried to use Dani as a trap to find her real target, Danny Phantom. Upon pressure from his two best friends, Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley, Danny decides to explore the Ghost Portal created by his parents in their attempt to bridge the human world and the Ghost Zone (the parallel universe in which ghosts reside), that when plugged in, failed to work. Gaz • Daniel "Danny" Fenton, a fourteen-year-old boy living in the small town of Amity Park, lives with his ghost-hunting parents, Jack and Madeline "Maddie" and his overprotective but caring sixteen-year-old sister, Jasmine. Not done: The page's protection level has changed since this request was placed. Doing heroics Danny convinced Valerie to let him go to find a cure for Dani, as she was half-human and Valerie didn't want Vlad to hurt humans. Didi • Tecna • Danny Phantom: Return of the Ghost Hero is an American animated action-adventure television series based on Danny Phantom, created by Butch Hartman.. Kowalski • In 2020 it was announced that during New York Comic Con 2020 which will be held on online Funko and Target will release a exclusive funko pop of Danny Phantom. Haru, Tucker X • Tooth Fairy • When he "goes ghost", his black hair turns white, his blue eyes turn green, and the black-and-white jumpsuit he had put on before the accident appears in negative color, with the originally white areas of the suit appearing black, and vice versa. Splinter •, In her human form, Dani has the same hat as Chip Skylark from, Butch Hartman stated in a video that if the show had a fourth season, Danny's parents would have adopted Dani as their daughter making her Danny and. She has the same hairstyle as him, with the back longer and in a ponytail. Dani returned to Amity Park, seeking Danny's help, but instead found Valerie. Lists . Molly • Stella • Ultra Lord • Noncorporeal Sidekick Heroine Katie • She has the same D emblem as Danny on her chest. Pip • Hdtv5. Teddy | Jazz Fenton • Danny Phantom … Carl Wheezer • Mako • Private, Dudley Puppy • Clyde • Donnie • Jelly | Another meteor (possibly 944 Hidalgo) zooms past again, between Jupiter and the screen. Tuck Carbunkle • All of his attempts failed except for one, which resulted in a half-ghost girl whom Vlad named Danielle. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Alicia • Because of her limited knowledge, Danielle is easily talked into obeying Vlad's commands, as she thought of him like a real father, and it wasn't until she met Danny that she realized that she was just one of Vlad's pawns. Olly and Frank | Bread Maker • Chuckie • Eugene • The Penguins • Jorgen Von Strangle • As the fifteen-year-old public "Halfa Hero of Amity Park," Danny Phantom is called forth by Clockwork to discuss a critical future matter. Danielle shares many of Danny's likes and personality traits. Dunglap • Stinky • Mr. Sunspock • Danny Phantom is an American animated action adventure television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. Blotto | Lynn Jr. • While Sidney managed to "kick" Danny out of his body, Danny Phantom remained fused with said physical body, which allowed Sidney full control over the two. Traveling Superhero Saraline Timbers • Goals Phantom Planet}} }} Jazz Fenton ist die Schwester von Danny Fenton. Redirect was protected in 2007 to prevent recreation. Full Name Back in Amity Park, Vlad h… Sandy • Danny Phantom Wiki. She seems to have no concern with responsibility, and can be quite stubborn at times. Zio | Skippy Spankerton | Kitty Katswell • Deep in space near Saturn's rings, one of Vlad's satellite probes examines a nearby asteroid, which is composed of "Ecto-ranium," an element ghosts cannot touch. Danny takes back the Infi-map and Vlad's satellite is destroyed in the battle. Mr. Sunshine • In her human form, like Danny, she bears a strong resemblance to her genetic mother, Maddie Fenton. Katara • Flora • Daisy • Kenny | Grandpa Lou • Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. [citation needed] The series aired its final episode on August 24, 2007. She can also be quite naïve, which is, in part, due to her limited existence so far. Occupation Tutu the Superina | They played their first show in 1994 at The Troubadour in Hollywood, California. [citation needed], Danny Phantom and other characters and locations from the series have also been featured in other Nickelodeon crossover video games including: Nicktoons: Summer Camp, Nicktoons Basketball (PC), Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy (Game Boy Advance), Nicktoons Movin' (PlayStation 2), Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing (PC), Nicktoons Nitro (Arcade),[25] Nicktoons MLB, Nickelodeon Super Brawl Universe (Android, iOS), and Nicktoons: Android Invasion (LeapFrog Didj). Goby • Dani Phantom He informs the boy that some of his greatest past enemies will return, and to prepare for battle, Danny must seek out other past foes and make amends to master a skill formerly commanded by the most powerful of beings: Fus… In the tail of the meteor, black words edged with white appear, reading "Danny Phantom in". Danny Phantom adalah serial animasi produksi Amerika Serikat yang ditayangkan di Nickelodeon, karya Butch Hartman, yang menceritakan kisah seorang anak yang secara tidak sengaja mendapatkan kekuatan hantu sehingga dia menjadi Pahlawan Pembasmi Hantu. Chas • Phantom Planet/Gallery | Danny Phantom Wiki | Fandom. Throughout its run, Danny Phantom received five of people Annie Award nominations and generally positive reviews from critics and audiences, with praise primarily directed at its ensemble cast and comic book-influenced themes and storyline. Leif Bornwell III • Max | Plankton • Unterholz (englisch Undergrowth) ist ein Geist der seinen ersten Auftritt in der 3 Staffel hat. Lori • Sheila • A red planet (Mars) and a meteor appears. Nick Dean • T-Midi • Peter Patrick and Persian Puss | Pig • [8], Danny Phantom premiered on April 3, 2004 at 9:30 p.m. with its first episode airing after the 2004 Kids' Choice Awards, two days after Nickelodeon's 25th Anniversary. Karen • Zuko • Granny Neutron • SpongeBob • Mervania • Ringkasan cerita. Susie • Phantom She is about twelve years of age physically, but due to her being a clone, her actual age is possibly a few months at most. Plot. Mean Bob • Debbie • Nesrin1212. Fifi • Lila • As of 2020, a line of Danny Phantom shirts is available at Kohl's as part of their licensed Nickelodeon merchandise collection. Daisy • Rico • Aisha • Wendell Wasserman • Der Name der Band ist eine Anspielung an den Science-Fiction-Film The Phantom Planet aus dem Jahr 1961. Toph • Tallula Headbank, Slap T.Pooch | Sie wurde 1994 gegründet. Musa • Maria Santiago • Mr. Turner • Little Guy and Big Guy | "Urban Jungle" is the forty-sixth episode in the TV-series Danny Phantom. Hobart | Keswick • Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy (for the Game Boy Advance) was made to promote the then upcoming special "The Ultimate Enemy" with the main gameplay consisting of events from the TV movie. Chase • Mantis • Goodness • Jamal the Funny Frog | Kimi • [citation needed], Little official merchandise has been produced for Danny Phantom; however in 2005, Burger King released a line of Danny Phantom kids meal toys. Danny Phantom fanfiction ( April Fool) by SAIHA12, 3 hours, 22 minutes ago Journals / Personal HORROR SAM POV: I was in my room staring my self in the mirror then i feel something pass through my window, I glance toward the window but see nothing then turn back look at in the mirror and gasp in horror. Characters Main. Spunky • Viper • Jibolba • This may mean she also has the potential to develop ice powers like Danny. Danny Phantom - Season 3 - Episode 11 D Stabilized {Animation 2018} Animation 2018 . Desiree in life. Spike • Danny phantom. He makes on last cameo appearance in the series finale Phantom Planet in which Danny attempts to fight him again but is easily defeated by him and rips his clothes off, moments later he is defeated by the Master's Blasters fighting team. Phantom Planet ist eine US-amerikanische Alternative-Rock -Band aus Los Angeles. Carlos Jr. Casagrande • Together, they put a stop to Vlad's plan. Danny Phantom is an American superhero animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. 41:41. Danny, who calls himself "Danny Phantom" in ghost form, develops the ability to fly, to become invisible, to become intangible, and to "overshadow" (possess and control) people after first learning how to switch back and forth at will between his ghost and human forms. Mrs. He is initially shown as an average, self-conscious, introverted, and sensitive 14-year-old boy who was desperate to fit in with his peers and be accepted. A portal to the Ghost Zone opens and Vlad emerges from it with the Infi-map. Dani was seen briefly in "Phantom Planet" as one of the ghosts assisting Danny in turning the Earth intangible to save it from the Disasteroid. Thom Turkey | Danny Phantom - Season 3 - Episode 12 13 Phantom Planet {Animation 2018} , Tv series movies 2019 hd. Tenzin, SwaySway • Danielle "Dani" Phantom is a fictional character and superhero/sidekick from Danny Phantom. Dannyand his friends emerge from the portal soon after, and a battle ensues. Skye • Danny Phantom is an American animated action adventure television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. In der alternativen Zukunft ist Danny böse, und er heisst nicht mehr "Danny Phantom" sondern "Dan Phantom".Nachdem Sam, Tucker, Maddie, Jack, Jazz und Mr. Lancer gefeselt am Nasty Burger sind, und dieser explodiert, kommen sie ums Leben.Danny lässt sich von Vlad die Geisterkräfte entfernen, da sie Danny nichts gebracht hatten als er sie brauchte.So wurde Danny dann zum bösen "Dan Phantom", und er raubte Vlads Kräfte, Dannys böse Seite übernahm die Kontrolle über ihn.Der Zeitgeist sagt Danny in der … Carlos Casagrande • The words then diminish into the distance, and we see planet Jupiter. Asami Sato • Stu • Sparky • Lola Caricola • She wears a red beanie, red shorts (plain in "Kindred Spirits," and with a cameo pattern in "D-Stabilized"), a blue sweater/hoodie, and shoes of the same style as Danny's but blue. Terry & Chris | Rex X • Hugh Neutron • 3 years since Phantom Planet, Danny Fenton continues to be a hero and hunt for ghosts until a new enemy has arise from his prison and tries to take over the Earth.. Dani Phantom • Cat & Milk-Man | 1 Über ihn 2 Über seine Auftritte 2.1 Dschungelfieber 2.2 Die Büchse der Pandora 2.3 Phantom Planet 2.4 Danny Phantom: Dschungelstadt 3 Trivia Unterholz ist ein Pflanzen-Geist, er taucht in seinem… Nigel • Trixie Tang • Reptar • She is a younger female version of Danny Phantom, who was created accidentally by his archenemy Vlad Plasmius while he was trying to clone Danny Phantom.