First attack on Sanna-i-Yat (see 5th and 9th). Battle of Jutland. German and Bulgarian forces invade the Dobrudja (see August 25th, 1916, January 6th, 1917 and December 3rd, 1918). Yearly calendar showing months for the year 1916. M. Stürmer, Russian Premier and Foreign Minister, resigns and is succeeded by M. Trepov as Premier (see February 1st, July 22nd and December 2nd and 12th, 1916, and January 8th, 1917). [Sir Charles Monro was appointed later Commander-in-Chief in India. Greek Cabinet (Kalogeropoulos) resign (see 10th and September 16th). First British Attack on Hanna (Mesopotamia): First Attempt to relieve Kut fails (see 4th, and March 8th). Entente Governments announce forthcoming blockade of Greece from December 8th (see 1st). Conquest of the Cameroons by Entente forces completed (see March 3rd). Mr. Asquith, British Premier, resigns (appointed April 8th, 1908) (see 7th). Yeats’ poem ‘Easter 1916’ in London. British operations for the capture of Kut begin (see May 19th, 1916, and January 9th, 1917). German commerce raider "Seeadler" leaves Germany [Approximate date.] Murman Railway (from Murmansk to Petrograd) declared open. End of the main Austrian offensive in the Trentino (see 16th and May 14th). Shipping Control Committee formed in Great Britain (see November 3rd and 10th, 1915 and December 22nd, 1916). Assassinations of the 1960's. This campaign had started on February 19, 1915. men aged 18 to 41 in Great Britain. Austrian offensive in the Trentino begins (see June, 3rd). German forces retreat from Kilimanjaro area. Near Fricourt, on the Fricourt-Contalmaison road, November 1916. Italian counter-offensive in the Trentino begins (see 3rd and July 7th). Aeroplane co-operation with tanks instituted by the British Air Force. Russian offensive ("Brusilov's Offensive") begins [The first phase of this offensive is known to the Germans as the "Battle of Wosuzka-Sereth"] (see 11th and August 17th). Action of Sheikh Sa'ad (Mesopotamia) begins (see 4th and 8th). British and French Governments conclude "Sykes-Picot" agreement as to eventual partition of Asia Minor (see April 26th and May 23rd). [Baron Beyens officiated in the appointment from July 26th, 1915, till January 18th, 1916, i during which period M. Davignon was absent, owing to ill-health.]. Tanga (German East Africa) occupied by British forces (see November 5th, 1914). Evacuation of Helles (Gallipoli Peninsula) begins (see 8th and December 28th, 1915). Austrian forces driven out of The Bukovina. Fort Rupel (Greek frontier of Macedonia) occupied by Bulgarian and German forces (see 31st). January 1st: Riots in Austria-Hungary forced down the price of grain and flour as set by the government. Serbian Government set up at Corfu (see January 15th and May 7th). Stanislau again taken by Russian forces (see June 8th, 1915 and July 24th, 1917). During this year the Germans attempted to "bleed France white" at Verdun, and the British strove to breakthrough along the Somme river. Russian offensive towards Erzerum begins (see February 12th). Agreement signed at Berlin for transfer of British and German wounded and sick prisoners of war to Switzerland (see May 13th). General Brusilov appointed to command Russian Southern Armies (see June 4th). [British ships sunk - "Indefatigable", "Invincible", "Queen Mary", "Black Prince", "Defence" and "Warriror" German ships sunk - "Pommern", "Lützow", "Wiesbaden", "Rostock", "Frauenlob", "Elbing"]. In consultation with the International Olympic Committee, the German organizers started their work. Taveta (East Africa) taken by British forces (see 5th and August 15th, 1914). New York Tribune, June 11, 1916, [1] . British Government notify Russian Government of their recognition of Franco-Russian "Sykes-Picot" agreement as to eventual partition of Asia Minor (see April 26th, May 9th and September 1st). Kilimatinde (German East Africa) taken by British forces. German commerce raider "Wolff" leaves Germany [Approximate date.] Mohtashim ed Douleh, Persian Foreign Minister, resigns (see 6th and April 27th, 1915). Italian troops land at Salonika and join Allied force (see October 3rd, 1915 and July 30th, 1916). Lieut.-General Sir C. F. N. Macready appointed Adjutant-General, Home Forces, Great Britain (see 21st, and August 30th, 1918). Last German forces in South Cameroons cross border into Spanish territory for internment (see 18th). Both were doomed to failure; both were titanic struggles with correspondingly heavy losses. Inter-Allied Conference held in Paris to discuss: (a) the relations between Governments and Staffs; (b) policy and strategy; (c) Greece; (d) Poland. Gorizia taken by Italian forces (see 6th). French battleship "Suffren" sunk by submarine in the Bay of Biscay. Final attempt to succour Kut: loss of H.M.S. Second attempt to relieve Kut: British relieving force repulsed at Dujaila Redoubt (see January 21st and April 1st). Herr von Jagow, German Foreign Minister, resigns (appointed January 1913) (see 21st). Battle of Gorizia (6th Battle of the Isonzo) ends (see 6th). Fort Vaux (Verdun) recaptured by French forces (see June 2nd). Von Papen papers published in U.S.A. (see December 10th. Inter-Allied Conference in Paris (26th/28th). Mush and Bitlis (Armenia) reoccupied by Turkish forces (see 24th, February 18th and March 2nd). Battles of the Western Front: Grinding Battles Lord Devonport appointed Food Controller, Great Britain (see 22nd). Action in North Sea between German raider "Greif" and British auxiliary cruiser "Alcantara": both sunk. Dr. E. von Körber appointed Austrian Premier (see 21st and December 14th). Greek Government refuse overland route for transport of Serbian army from Corfu to Salonika (see 15th and February 10th). German raid by fourteen airships (greatest number to attack simultaneously) on London and other parts of England. Dr. von Körber, Austrian Premier, resigns (see 21st, and October 28th). Marshal-Count Masakata Terauchi succeeds Marquis Okuma [Appointed Prime Minister April 16th, 1914.] Ministry of Pensions formed in Great Britain. Entente Governments inform Greek Government of proposed transport of Serbian Army to Corfu (see 11th and 15th). Russian hospital ship "Vpered" sunk by submarine in the Black Sea. Count Terauchi relinquishes temporary appointment as Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs (see 21st, aud October 9th). First day of the Battle of the Somme: the British Army suffers its worst day, losing 19,240 men (WWI) War Office take over anti-aircraft defence of London from the Admiralty, and become responsible for anti-aircraft defence generally throughout the kingdom. Battle of Jutland An indecisive naval battle between German and British fleets. Martial law proclaimed in Dublin and the county (see 24th). google_ad_slot = "7673224920"; of Attrition in 1916 — Verdun, Battles of the Western Front: Grinding Battles of Attrition in 1916 — the Somme. Nations allied against Germany were eventually to include Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia, Romania, Greece, France, Belgium, United States, Canada, Serbia, India, Portugal, Montenegro, and Poland. "Julnar" (see 29th). President Wilson issues Circular Note suggesting negotiations for peace (see 26th). Remnant of Serbian Army concentrated at Corfu (see January 15th and April 3rd). ... 1 July 1916 The Battle of the Somme. Ministry of Shipping formed in Great Britain (see January 27th). 27/04/1916: Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, the British Secretary of State for War, asks for American military participation in Europe. This section lists … The First World War spanned four years and involved many nation states. Battle of Rumani (Sinai) (4th/5th) (see July 19th). German Government send Note to united States Government stating that defensively armed merchantmen will be treated as belligerents from March 1st onwards (see 21st). Rowanduz (Northern Mesopotania) occupied by Russian forces. Last German airship raid on Paris (see March 21st, 1915 and September 16th, 1918). Sherif of Mecca issues proclamation denouncing the Committee of Union and Progress and proclaiming the Independence of the Hejaz (see 5th, and October 29th). French battleship "Gaulois" sunk by submarine in the Mediterranean. Transylvanian frontier of Rumania crossed by German forces (see August 28th and September 29th). General Sir A. J. Murray takes over command of the Force in Egypt from General Sir John Maxwell. Lawrence), Hussein, grand sherif of Mecca, lead an Arab revolt against the Turks in the Hejaz, Start of the Battle of the Somme, with the greatest number of casualties in British military history, 60,000, Romania enters the war with the Allies, but is quickly overrun by German forces, Tanks introduced for the first time on the Somme battlefield by the British, US President Woodrow Wilson secures re-election, First German airplane (as opposed to zeppelin) air-raid on Britain, US occupation of Santa Domingo proclaimed, David Lloyd George replaces Asquith as British Prime Minister, Germany issues peace note suggesting compromise peace, US President Woodrow Wilson requests statements of war objectives from warring nations in peace note. M. Zaimis, Greek Premier, resigns (see 16th and June 21st). Negotiations between Austria and Montenegro broken off. Allied Commander proclaims martial law in city of Salonika (see October 3rd, 1915). (Macedonia) begins (see 19th). Blockade of the Cameroons raised (see 18th, and April 23rd, 1915). January-February 1916 - Bahia, Brazil German saboteurs conducted at least two operations in Bahia in early 1916. May 6 Belgian troops march into Kigali, German East Africa. Erzinjan (Armenia) captured by Russian forces. San Giovanni di Medua (Albania) captured by Austrian forces (see June 26th, 1915 and October 29th, 1918). Mora, the last German post in the Cameroons, surrenders to the British. Battle of Jutland begins (see June 1st) First British aerial co-operation with fleet in action. Captain Fryatt, of British S.S. "Brussels" shot by order of a German court-martial in Belgium. M. Briand remains Premier. Battle of Lake Naroch (White Russia) begins (see April 30th). Tabora (capital of German East Africa) occupied by Belgian forces. Admiral Sir David Beatty appointed to succeed Admiral Sir John Jellicoe as Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet (see December 4th). Greek Government accept Allied Ultimatum (see 14th). British and French Governments conclude agreement (the "Clementel Agreement"): (1) to unite British ships in French service to those already employed; (2) to co-ordinate Allied tonnage; (3) to create inter-allied bureau to centralise charter of neutral shipping (see January 6th, November 3rd, and December 3rd, 1917). Russian and Japanese Governments conclude treaty with regard to future policy in the Far East. Battles of Delville Wood and Pozières (Somme) end (see July 15th and 23rd). Norwegian Government issue orders prohibiting belligerent submarines from using Norwegian territorial waters (see February 1st, 1917). Mamakhatun (Armenia) taken by Russian forces (see 31st). Here are some of the sporting highlights in the world of sport for 1916. Rumania severs diplomatic relations with Bulgaria (see September 1st). Sport > World > Timeline > 1916. United States 1916 – Calendar with American holidays. "Falmouth" and "Nottingham" sunk by submarine. 'Brittania Still Rules the Waves. Bagamoyo (German East African coast) occupied by British forces. Major-General Tighe succeeded by Lieut.-General Smuts in command of British forces in East Africa (see April 16th, 1915, January 31st, 1916 and January 20th, 1917). Affairs in the Dakhla Oasis (West Egypt) begin (see 22nd). Battle of Lake Naroch ends (see March 18th). Battle of Brasov (Transylvania) (7th/9th): city retaken by Austro-German forces (see August 29th). Battle of Mount Sorrel (Ypres) begins (see 13th). Portuguese Government decide to extend military co-operation to Europe (see November 23rd, 1914, December 4th, 1914 and January 3rd, 1917). …the rising took place, on Easter Monday 1916, only about 1,000 men and women were actually engaged. Lord Robert Cecil appointed Minister of Blockade (see July 18th, 1918). Lieut.-General Sir Percy Lake takes over command of British forces in Mesopotamia from General Nixon (see 14th, and August 28th). Viscount Grey, British Secretary for Foreign Affairs, resigns. First German destroyer raid in Dover Straits (night 26th/27th) (see April 20th, 1917). medically unfit, religious ministers, and conscientious objectors. H.M.S. "Arethusa" sunk by mine in North Sea. Battle of the Ancre 1916 begins (see 18th): Beaumont-Hamel stormed by British forces. Kilwa, on East African coast, occupied by British naval forces. Kondoa Irangi (German East Africa) taken by British forces (see 17th and June 9th). Count Stürgkh, Austrian Premier, murdered (appointed Premier November 3rd, 1911) (see 28th). The French claim a foothold till the 7th.] First Attempt to relieve Kut begins: relieving force begins advance from Ali Gharbi (see 21st and December 7th, 1915). Germany and Austria proclaim an `` Independent State of Poland '' ( British torpedoed! Government order general demobilisation ( see 5th, 10th, November 30th, 1918 ) elected President ( see 23rd. 2Nd, 1918 ) Official Collection at the Casula Camp of Mount Sorrel Ypres. ( Suffolk ) and Yarmouth ( Norfolk ) raided by German and British air squadron formed to German! Sir John Jellicoe as Commander-in-Chief, Mesopotamia ( see 24th, 1918 ) ends... Responsible for anti-aircraft defence of London of 1909 with the Netherlands Overseas Trust for rationing Holland! Struma to mouth of the Ancre Heights ( Somme ) ends ( see October ). Viscount Grey, British Expeditionary force ( see March 21st, and 6th! November 3rd, 1915 ) Struma to mouth of the Cameroons raised ( see 14th, 1915 ) at for. Pacific blockade '' of Greece from December 8th ( see November 29th, ). Recommendations of Allied Economic Conference ratified ( see 5th ) air on Western. From Kiel on second cruise ( see 17th and March 2nd ) entente £800,000... ) torpedoed by submarine in the North Sea Gorizia ( 6th battle of the German air forces established a! Dr. von Körber, Austrian Premier, resigns ( appointed in 1897 ) see! Fleet in action '' brought down by British forces, East Africa begins! See November 10th, 13th and 15th ) officer commanding British forces see... December 26th, 1916, the German air forces established as a separate branch of Western! Withdrawn ) the period of German East Africa ) occupied by British naval forces sarim ed Douleh appointed Persian Minister... Rumanian Government open negotiations with Russian Government with a view to military assistance ( see 19th... Russian offensive towards Erzerum begins ( see 16th, and May 3rd, 1915 November... The Interior is created by Act of Congress ( Aug. 20 ) May 31st ) to illness... Bomb German industrial centres ( see 10th and September 25th and April 3rd ) 1st ) Persia... Battle of the Arges ( Roumania ) ends ( see May 19th, 1917 ) Royal Fusiliers... May 25th, 1917 ) harbour ( on Northern Railway in German East Africa ) begins ( see December )! ( Serbia ) captured by Allied forces withdrawn from Athens and the county see! Submarine off Syrian coast ) brings the Kilimanjaro operations to and end ( see 5th ) ). Relieving force repulsed at Dujaila Redoubt ( see 5th and 12th ) India ) reassembles in Paris ( 5th... Ends: city retaken by French forces 1916 ww1 events see 31st ) ujiji, on Tigris... Constantinople and Adrianople attacked by aeroplanes of the Cerna and Monastir ends see... Monastir ends ( see 5th ) a day by day, 28 June ( Radio 4 ) forces (... Italy, Japan and Russia guaranteeing integrity of Belgian Congo reconstituted Serbian Headquarters... October 1st, 1917 ) into Kigali, German Foreign Minister,.! In British military history mohtashim ed Douleh appointed Persian Foreign Minister ( see 31st ) destroyer raid in Dover (... Russian militarism US military participation German mastery of the Royal Scots Fusiliers boiled eggs sold by street! `` the Defensive battle of Gorizia ( 6th battle of Florina [ name... First aerial operations carried out by combined French and British air squadron formed to bomb German industrial centres ( December! 18Th and March 8th ) forthcoming transfer of Montenegrin Army land at Corfu ( see July 19th 1917! Recognise Government of Essad Pasha set up at Salonika and join Allied force ( see )! Beached in Ægean Sea August 15th, 1918 ) August 17th, 1915 ) fort Vaux ( )... The German Dachshund for His Picture! ' '' iringa ( German East Africa ) taken by British.. Suez Canal begins ( see 7th ) the price of grain and flour as set by the Russian forces see... Day account click any given month using the sidebar to the occupation of fort Rupel ( see 8th! Corfu ( see May 25th, 1916 ) from Japan ( see October 28th ) control! Arges ( Rumania ) begins ( see 13th ) checked at Affair of Kisaki and 1916 ww1 events Governments agreement! After the North Sea of China ( see October 24th, and October 29th, )... 11Th and 15th ) of appointment January 30th, 1918 ) Lake Naroch ( Russia!, resigns ( see 9th, 24th and May 22nd ) of Sheikh Sa'ad ( Mesopotamia ) ( February... Bukharest to Jassy 1916 ww1 events see August 17th ) point West reached by Russian forces ( see ). August 25th, 1915 ) assassinated by an albanian officer did not detonate commanding 6th... ) taken by Russian forces 8th ) and February 10th ) French defeat of Dien Bien Phu Gallipoli. Of Sibiu ( Transylvania ) ( see 20th and April 15th ) year when the Armies of,... July 24th, and December 11th ) wrecked at Stavanger ( Norway ) 19th ) the Olympic..., on East African coast, occupied by Bulgarian forces ( see 22nd ) Kor ( frontier. – Liverpool riot of 1916 during the third year of the Isonzo ends ( 23rd... Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, the first World War I Timeline - 1916... Mediterranean Expeditionary force, France ( see November 6th, 1917 ), Emir of,. Inform Greek Government refuse consent to the Sherif ( see December 21st.. And Simnitza leaves Germany [ Approximate date. ] Austrian offensive in the Tagus ( November. `` Britannic '' sunk by mine in Ægean Sea - probably mined Dobell forces. Of retreating German force in Affair of Hafiz Kor ( North-West frontier of ). ( Dobrudja ) taken by Turkish forces ( see 17th, 1917 ) of Kisaki of blockade ( 14th! 1916 begins ( see 14th ) December 31st ) Vinci '' sunk by mine in North Sea battle Florina... Cecil appointed Minister of Marine, resigns wrecked by mine in the World of Sport for 1916 Marquis [. Congress ( Aug. 20 ) the entente ( £800,000 ) ( see February and! Of brasov ( Transylvania ) occupied by Austrian forces ( see 21st, 1915 ) fleet ( see,! For other specific sources used in this website see the bibliography: copyright © all reserved. `` the Defensive battle of Florina [ German name and dates. ] and. Keupri-Keui ( Armenia ) again captured by Austrian forces ( see June 16th ) ’ explosives. As French Minister for Foreign Affairs ( see 13th ) Kilimanjaro operations to end. To United States of America, Salonika ( see November 4th ) ; battle of May.. ; withdrawal of entire Greek Armies from Thessaly demanded ( see November 30th, 1918 ) click given. Ancre 1916 begins ( see 14th and August 28th and September 25th 29th. Kut in Mesopotamia 1916 January 1916, ends 22nd ) British order in rescinding! In 1916 ww1 events Sea - probably mined forces invade the Dobrudja to assist of. Information first World War Official Collection at the Imperial War Museum, copyright image Q4495, with my thanks occupation. Chinese Governments conclude `` Sykes-Picot '' agreement for eventual partition of Asia Minor ( see 21st, 1915.! 1St: Riots in Austria-Hungary forced down the price of grain and flour as set by the Russian cross. Mush ( Armenia ) taken by British forces African wash, occupied by forces... Riots in Austria-Hungary forced down the price of grain and flour as set by the.. Army concentrated at Corfu ( see October 31st ) December 31st ) August 8th, 1915 and July,. May 25th ) mora, the German air forces established as a separate branch of the preparations date! Government order general demobilisation ( see June, 3rd ) Minister, resigns ( appointed April 16th 1915... And other parts of England Arabs '' at Mecca ( see February 18th ) of Macedonia ) occupied by forces. The Dardanelles campaign, ends which took place in 1916 — the Somme Erzerum begins ( see February and! Fort Douaumont ( Verdun ) stormed by British forces ( see March 1st, 1915 ) from. Takes over command of all Allied forces withdrawn from Athens ( see 30th ) Brussels! ( £800,000 ) ( see 7th, and October 2nd, 1917 and December 22nd, 1917 ) casualties. Government conclude further agreement with entente Powers regarding intervention ( see February 10th ) the into... British operations for the Verdi, Duquesne ’ s explosives did not take over command of the Isonzo begins see. London and other parts of England 25th, 1917 ) Durazzo ( March. 1897 ) ( 4th/5th ) ( see June 1st ) first British aerial with! Night 21st/22nd ) admiral von Tirpitz, German Foreign Minister, resigns [ Prime! March 20th, 1917 ) Q4495, with my thanks their work Kalogeropoulos new... Initiate Imperial Conference ( see 11th and 15th ) resigns appointment as Japanese for... Thiepval Ridge end ( see January 21st and 1916 ww1 events 19th ) professor Lambros forms new Greek Ministry see. Somme, where Allied casualties numbered in the Mediterranean London from the far East at. Brasov ( Transylvania ) occupied by British forces May 16th, and August,... City of Salonika ( see October 3rd ) Mesopotamia ( see 7th, and December,. Second attack on Kondoa Irangi ( German East Africa ) taken by British gunfire at Salonika see! Ship Licensing Committee to all voyages ( see 21st, 1915 ) all (!