Unfortunately, the series doesn’t give much detail about the circumstances surrounding Ben… After Umbrella Academy's first season debuted, some fans came to the sad conclusion that Ben may have died by suicide. We may earn a commission through links on our site. The most confusing thing to notice about Ben is that he was aging like his other siblings despite having died at a young age. In 2019, Umbrella Academy writer and executive producer Gerard Way told Forbes that he doesn't know where he wants to go with the character yet. Allison says it wasn’t their fault, so apparently Reginald’s interpretation is open to disagreement. The Umbrella Academy never clearly addresses in Season 1 just what happened to Ben or why he died. He’s only trying to please Hargreeves and Spaceboy. After foiling the bank robbery, the other Umbrella Academy members stand before the press beaming with pride, while Ben seems disengaged. The Umbrella Academy's siblings are as dysfunctional as any superhero family can get, especially when one of the brothers, Ben, is a ghost living vicariously through his brother Klaus. Meanwhile, their adopted father Reginald Hargreeves also appeared uninjured when he and Klaus spoke in a vision after Klaus’s temporary death. WARNING: This next section shares some of what we learn about Ben’s death in Season 2. Some have noted that Klaus' ghosts have a visible indication of how they died, and because Ben appears unharmed, it's possible he took his own life. Even in the flashbacks in season two, not much is known about Ben's death when he was younger. The comics and the Netflix series have diverged in quite a few places, so the comics’ revelation about Ben may not be relevant. With little else to go on, fans have theorized that Ben might have lost his life to suicide. ", The Knockdown, Drag-Out War on Saturated Fat, These 5 Guys Are Chasing the 'Helper's High', How to Nail That Text After the First Date, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Or perhaps one of the many times that he materialized into an octopus-like creature just was really hard on his body, ultimately killing him. Based on the comic books by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, The Umbrella Academy tells the story of 7 children with superpowers who are adopted, trained into heroes and go on to become deeply flawed, dysfunctional adults. Though the circumstances aren’t exactly clear, it is established that Ben died at the age of 16 during a failed mission. He was easily manipulated, dragged into Father and Luther’s little games—and those two simply let him die." This theory largely rests on … This has led some to believe that Ben might have died from some type of injury that wouldn’t leave a mark, like a poisoning. Reginald gives a heartless speech about Ben to the rest of the siblings at his funeral. Even though Ben had died in the first season. How did The Umbrella Academy's Ben die? However, we still aren’t told exactly how he died, only that it was not at the hands of his siblings, but the result of an enemy of some sort. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until season 3 to find out what happened to Ben, and even the comics don't have any inside information. The Sparrow Academy on Umbrella Academy, Explained, Miguel's Fate Is the Biggest 'Cobra Kai' Mystery, Reddit Has Theories Around Alonzo Brooks' Death. How did Ben die in Umbrella Academy? Fans have theories about Ben’s death based on what they saw in Season 1. "The thing about The Umbrella Academy, it's almost like improvisational jazz. Compare Ben's reaction to his siblings' after they stopped bank robbers in 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 1, Episode 1. How Did Ben Die on ‘The Umbrella Academy’? "I think the reasons behind why Ben stays there and is with Klaus always, as opposed to the other ghosts in Klaus’ life, who sort of come and go...I think there’s definitely territory to be explored there with that," Min told CBR. The show never offers much of an explanation for Ben’s death, and the comics The Umbrella Academy is based on also have been largely mum on … The moment was a sad time as both siblings vanish. The death of Number Six, aka Ben Hargreeves, is a lingering mystery in the Netflix drama – and the latest … Here's what you need to know. The Netflix series doesn't explain much, but the fan theories make a lot of sense. The exact circumstances of Ben's death are never revealed, and the siblings never seem to talk about the trauma of his passing. In the final episode of Season 2, we see Ben’s funeral and we learn that he died in 2006. Here’s what he says: The world is full of injustice. I originally just wrote the character to be dead, that was his function. "The Umbrella Academy has failed one of their own, the consequences of which are dire. Netflix explains Umbrella Academy's timeline. We can tell from by his statue that he must not have died that long ago. How did Ben Hargreeves die? In The Umbrella Academy's season 2 finale, the Hargreeves family faces off against a whole new weapon. Only Klaus can see and talk to him, and only Klaus’s powers allow Ben to sometimes interact with the physical world. We also got a look at a flashback scene of his funeral in 2006, but the show didn't exactly explain how he died, and fans are still curious to know more about the story behind his passing. "When Klaus dies in Dallas, he comes back and says it's no problem when the Hargreaves children die. But overall, Season 1 is very mysterious about Ben’s death. Hold on to this feeling, children. How did Ben die? The Umbrella Academy on Netflix has viewers enthralled and also has them asking some questions about the way Ben died and whether he will be back.