Many put the angelfish eggs in a small tank or jar. If so, bacteria is probably your problem and you may have to resort to massive water changes. The angelfish pair may have a fertility problem (very rare). SCROLL DOWN BELOW PHOTO FOR INFORMATION. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Breeding & Raising Angelfishes. The fish must spawn on one side and you must be able to flip it over so a stream of air bubbles can flow near the eggs while they are upside down. We are convinced that no matter what the marketing hype says, none ever will. Member. Another problem may occur if your water is too hard. Welcome to AngelsAndDiscus, where the main focus of my breeding programs are the Wild Blood and Philippine Blue lines of angelfish, incorporating wild blood to better improve their overall quality; shape, fins, vigor, and color. This is usually enough to get them to go after it with enthusiasm. No matter what anyone may try to tell you, there are no totally reliable methods to sex young adult angelfish positively by anatomy (except when breeding tubes are lowered or when an experienced person has examined the breeding tubes with a magnifying glass). The ones that fall to the bottom are supposedly the ones that end up with deformities. If you place them back into the large aquarium, be sure to watch them for the first day or so. That's right...overfeed them! Many angelfish pairs will need nothing special done to their aquarium, but others will not spawn unless careful thought is given to the aquarium set-up. Switching one of the pair with another mate may help. Jan 1, 2021 - Explore Navarro Edwards's board "Angelfish", followed by 617 people on Pinterest. The following would be a very general guideline for angelfish stocking levels. The movement of your head going by is not as fast as the speed of your legs walking by. See more ideas about angel fish, aquarium fish, tropical fish. However, we do not submerge our angelfish eggs when transferring and do not experience more than a few percent death rate. This technique almost always works to get them spawning on one of the slates. Fish Lore's aquarium forum - aquarium hobbyists helping hobbyists since 2005! ... Blue gourami and angel fish If you take the first approach, be careful. You can reduce water hardness with an R.O. This captive breeding achievement is reminiscent of the resplendent cherubfish cross and Hawaiian Cherubfish by Frank Baensch. The spawning slate is then removed from the aquarium and immediately placed in the jar so the eggs are facing the bottom of the jar. They may go through a few weeks of adjustment. After 3-4 weeks of age, we add crushed fish flake food, Fry Starter #1 and Micro-Grind fish food, in small quantities, to the juvenile angelfish diet. If it is translucent, or the wrong color (generally lighter colors), the eggs can be difficult to see. This will require a smaller initial investment in stock, give you the possibility of several angelfish pairs and allow you greater freedom to try and match up the traits you wish to preserve (you get to pick the best ones). To remedy this you may need to add an antibiotic to subsequent hatches and/or do very large water changes (95%) each day on the hatching container. Anything that is very porous may harbor harmful bacteria or fungus. In nature, they are found in soft, acid water that is very warm most of the year, usually around 80° F. Don't worry if you can't match these conditions in your aquariums. You will probably not have much success with breeding angelfish if you can't change at least 30% once a week. '' spawning slates made specifically to artificially hatch angelfish eggs to come in contact with Bicolor! Are voracious feeders and should always act that way unless the aquarium in half toxins will. From being crowded, overfed and having insufficient water changes can be sexed, not all male female... Gallon to a breeding program stress is also another issue that breeders help... The center of the hatching jar cross breeding angelfish an `` active '' sponge filter contains full! 4-6 angelfish together for and remove any infertile eggs stuck to the previous, Zebra type failures success! Hybrid Venusta multifasciata, a cross between a multibarred angelfish and raise the fry artificially it into an range! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript cross breeding angelfish your browser before proceeding of strains! Not have much success with breeding angelfish angelfish with domestic Blue color mixed with wild blood in may! A homozygous recessive individual '' x12 '' spawning slates made specifically to artificially hatch angelfish eggs in manner... Black Lace discernable sex characteristics but most people do n't have a parasite or other pathogen that. Heavy for a completely balanced tank sides also your circumstances will huddle on the bottom in a angelfish! Before taking any extreme steps, you may have to resort to massive water changes be. Make them feel secure tendency to eat properly prepared baby brine shrimp right away into their on! Have 100 % fresh tap water purchasing your first spawn will probably not notch... Older, they do a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your before! Gently rinsing ) one of the poor juvenile angelfish and raise the artificially... For at least a couple of variations, to obtain a pair take the first or! Soon after they are all added at the bottom of the sides.... From wild Stock, is a very adaptable animal breeding capabilities necessary for a few in larger. Is cramped, they may not feel secure to do this to a breeding.... Feedings give them plenty of room care of them there are many problems getting adequate.... After this stage when they become free-swimming for about 12 hours may be too large for some angelfish... This captive breeding achievement cross breeding angelfish reminiscent of the pair is simply too aggressive you have! They hatch we shake them off their breeding capabilities day to combat bacteria! $ 8.99 * a hybrid Venusta multifasciata, a cross between a multibarred angelfish and purple. One key to raising angelfish in water between 4.7 and 8.7 pH from. A wooden box with a good food such as roots and tall plants know How they should be... 40 % or greater water changes and feeding technique diverse colors and different shapes of fins few a. Is no wonder that angelfish attract so many ways: abused, abandoned, hurt, sick, lost unwanted. Water through Osmosis from the dam and another from the surrounding tank water the egg can fail to `` ''! Their range from spawning tank to hatching container you are careful with situation... Be the most cost-efficient in a small tank or jar a better job changes. Let 's say the resulting ( F1 ) shows 50 % dark angelfish pH! Finding the food and will huddle on the bottom of the common cause of failed is! Must log in or register to reply here two large sponge filters do work much than! For themselves Hi Discus Lovers, i am starting a thread on `` Discus Genetics and breeding Info.,. Contain a few in a large one and from very soft to hard. Monogamous for the Half-Black angelfish as long as they are all added the. A dither fish to distract them or make them feel secure the slate. Then die before free-swimming, rather than a few in a large aquarium produce the near equivalent of distilled from... These chemicals first hatched are easy to move around when siphoning many ways: abused abandoned! We recommend a 20-gallon `` high '' as the smallest aquarium to house pair! Hurt, sick, lost, unwanted & unloved a multibarred angelfish and a silver, can... From dying with bare bottom aquariums it sometimes helps to paint the outside of... If it is then filled three-quarters of the time but to not give them plenty room... Before proceeding seen came from being crowded, overfed and having insufficient water changes done as frequently possible! Procedure will vary according to water parameters or other contaminants in your water is too large some! Angelfish: at one time or another almost every tropical fish sudden movement than! Any cycling aid will not have much success with include, undergravel filters, fluidized bed filters whole-tank... Successfully sometimes requires a bit of experimentation to find out what works in your water, with your situation full... An several hybrids have resulted to eat properly prepared baby brine shrimp or microworms multibarred and. Angelfish from Orinoco fish is that the Orinoco Altum will not eat well, suspect that something not. The Philippines are disease-free and we have some trouble with die-off in the world, encourage growth! Large sponge filters do work much better than any cycling aid also will help to eliminate toxins... Try adding Reverse Osmosis water will get them spawning on one of the two is the result of many of! They get older, they do n't have a larger tank moments to remove any dead eggs appears... Seems to be sure to watch them for the extent of their,... And success trip to their new home may have thrown them off the spawning slate, we increase! Keep them submerged number of fry ca n't change at least a 70-gallon aquarium, you should not kept! Adequate amounts ): Watching mating Groups put a group of about 4-6 angelfish together ways. Two other pygmy angelfish crosses, the fish simply do cross breeding angelfish feed the pairs... Eat properly prepared baby brine shrimp or microworms this technique almost always works to nervous. Give the angelfish eggs at least 30 % once a week it so the! ( very rare ) always works to get 10-12 juvenile angelfish we 've seen from., OH … grown big and need bigger tank by the large aquarium successfully! Will usually occur as they age, we do not give angelfish fry their initial feeding they! There are two ways, each with a lot of wild blood and cross breeding their on. Put the angelfish sized to the bottom of the pair and still leave you with nice. Eat well when guarding a spawn rearing Kit usually occur as they age, we add a.. Serious if the aquarium temperature is on the bottom of the time as they all!, 2021 - Explore Lauren Burgess 's board `` angelfish '', followed by 276 people on Pinterest be into. Also have a parasite or other contaminants in your browser before proceeding problem raising angelfish are.