Found one in Icefall Plains at -3479, 1057 which, I think, is the first red X on your map from the top. always kept a barnacle if i ever needed it for something…, “probably no one mentioned, but repeating C2-N2 weekly gives 1150 My third character was my Guardian who leveled with HK so naturally I had hoped to keep teaming with him. Additional: Symbiotic Fungal Bloom = 2,000 influence. Name's Fideltin Rusk, a Chagrian soldier with combat in his blood. Let’s hope a Watchman sentinel works as well as a Sorc. It has been very helpful. From the ones I got back from the Allaince Specialists, yes. 189 replies on “SWTOR Chapter 14 Story and Recruitment Guide” ThatGuy says: June 1, 2016 at 11:22 pm. STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > General Discussion Alliance Alert: Bonds of Duty (Spoilers) Reply. Yeah caught that in the big report. Prerequisite: Complete to Find a Findsman. Unfortunately it isn’t legacy wide. Senya seems to be a far better tank than Lana, but Lana is kind of a better healer. head to the bottom of the map ty darthpuyang on Reddit site, Since you cannot turn in less than 24 of an item to Dr. Lokin, you will actually need: Anodyne Extract/Metamorphic Cell route: 816. If you have Valor rank 40, you can talk to them right away and recruit them on the spot. They are just normal crafting mats. I received a mount from a box, it is a Roche Scyk. Why that is on the cm…, With your reaction I’d figure you approve of it’s model so isn’t it better its free-ish rng base. I accepted Xalek… As sith inquisitor, but i cant use him…Why? only change. you only need 3 world bosses to get him from 1 to 10 It would be great if come January the choices we made were a little more significant story wise. I imagine BW’ll bring in the right companions for the main story, while also trying to ensure romance companions aren’t left in the wind. I’m guessing you’re a PvPer, judging by both your attitude, and your eager willingness insult people. the droid. You do also have the option to reject Xalek as a companion. Is it unwise to refuse to recruit any of them? And some companions for example Khem can’t be recruited in any way so far. - A.A. Milne. It’s been almost 4 hours and I’m only halfway there. Found another Worthy Jagganath target at -3462, 1318 in Icefall Plains. Skadge | recruitable, determinate fate, KOTFE Skadge came back in Fallen Empire via the Alliance Mission Bonds of Duty. finished chapter 9 and still do not have her in my list and didnt make her mad so kinda stumped as to why she isnt in my crew. 1. But it doesn’t stay in your quest log so you can review it. I could not get past that and found the answer here. I did Qyzen by killing the 20 mobs, took about an hour also, just a little more boring/grindy. Influence: After completing this recruiting mission you get 250 Influence for every lost … Any news on what to do in the “Gearing Up” Portion of “The Star Fortress” yet ? Idk,it took me like half an hour to get 13. qst. Some of the elites and champs hit hit like a truck though. But they wrote the same text for Xalec “Kill, refuse or reject” since you can with Xalec. Is the object on the bar not there? I am playing an Agent so I’m wondering if these two are just buggy since they are original companions. Same thing happend to me with 70 Valor on my operative. I could see people stopping progression on an alt just to have Marr or HK as permanent comps! @Dulfy . I just completed the Bowdaar mission, Freedom Fight, and it says he joined my alliance as a follower. *Companion Spoilers* Back in July of 2019 I tweeted about how much I hated Skadge as a companion and couldn’t wait to be rid of him for good. Your email address will not be published. Name's Fideltin Rusk, ... Skadge… Each trophy give you 500 influence with Qyzenso you will. r/swtor: Star Wars™: The Old Republic, a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. I tested it last night. I wanted Jaesa, Kira, Ashara, and Vette for my BH’s harem. it says aygo drops warrior and counselor gear. Name's Fideltin Rusk, a Chagrian soldier with combat in his blood. Depending on which character I play I might or might recruit all either. Yes logging out and then back in and it lit up for me. Seems to change nothing so far. Gifts that Skadge can gain Influence from are listed below along with how to get them. No, it says if you are that class you can skip the extra requirements, but this isn’t true. Just do the first two (cheap) matts ad infinitim. What I meant is you do a different kind of progress if Nico Okarr recognizes that you used the umbrella in the end. I believe if you are Sith Warrior trying to recruit Major Pierce or Thanks a ton. Well, seeing as I just did it, it took several hours; I’d reduce the requirement to 5 matches, so that not too much resentment is created between PvEers wanting the companions, like me, and those among the PvPers who hate the rest of us anyway. Seems odd that the CM Akkdog would be the only way to get a new feature of the game, maybe I missed a mission or something, Nope. because there are still 7 chapters left is why. Members. Not necessarily. Skadge, with his depth, role, and importance, certainly deserves more than a recruitment quest. So if I collect Pierce, do I automatically get M1-4X as well or is that a separate quest? and can you do the usual press esc and do over or do you have to be more careful. bigbob7_77 is correct, too, it is a bug, but when this will be fixed we’ll have to see – best use this workaround. They still can make an appearance in future chapter’s so i wouldn’t worry worry. Both of them are at 30-31 Influence, so there’s not a huge variation there. The first SWTOR fansite! =(, return to 4K and you’ll get the option to basicly tell him “I’ve already killed lots of imps you’re coming with me!” your you have valor 40. For example, is it possible to accidentally – without ever knowing it – kill Jaesa or Kira. Oncer you do this, you will unlock the Continuing Comfort mission for next week (weekly reset at Tuesday 7 am EST). It seems like this is a recent bug, since I see a lot of people having the same problem and lots of people who have had him as a companion since the mission was available. is there still possibility to upgrade base and doing star fortresses? It is a bug that will be fixed soon on a release. Which is why his “story” alliance wise is for him the player to aid him in curing himself. Can I recruit all of them? When I took the quest from the datapad and turned it in, I got a flat 20/10/5. Turn in the supply crates etc to them. Highmount Ridge is the best place with 6 Targets close to each other. companions. Stupid M1-4X; I have 43 valor and i still have to do the 20 missions……grrrrrrr. It appears that any companion you had previously returns with the same influence they had prior to your starting KotFE. At least that’s the way I see it. Guide: You will acquire Bowdaar via the Eternal Championship which you can find a guide here. .. after This” and you will have the option to reject him. It's also the best place to look to see what new videos or guides I have created! Guess I can use ’em for another character. Bounty Hunter Companion - Skadge A career gangster and psychopath, Skadge had been enjoying a prestigious position at the top of … It is buggy, you don’t lose the mats though. This isn’t marked on the page so it’d be helpful if you put it down. Where’s my wife?! They said it in blogs and stream, maybe you over looked it but the bottom line is a level 60 boost character which automatically starts with kofte story and any other normal Char that accepts kofte story will have all other previous story as complete. Can anyone confirm… what old content do I lose access to once I start KotFE? Each world boss only count once. Now my first character through the storyline was my Sage – I teamed her up with T7 because of my abundance of technology gifts but the poor little guy kept getting crushed in our normal weekly heroic quest runs (this was at rank 35), we even struggled with trash in Star Fortress heroic. Style 3. so i am having the same problem but i choose to not have him kneel is that problem or it is the bug just curious. This has been bugging me. Style 1. Is there a dailies area on Zakuul or any of the planets as well? I’ve noticed that even though companions are supposedly “the same” in each role, some still seem to be better at certain roles than others. After you have reach rank 10 influence, scroll down to the option that requires influence level 10 to recruit him. Which defeats the whole purpose of being able to use whichever companion we want for any role, by making some companions decidedly unattractive. You’ll then collect trophies for him until his Influence level is high enough, and then he’ll join you as a follower. For some reason, I can’t recruit M1. So far Xalex and Tanno are the only ones I’ve found killable. Upon reaching Influence rank 6, you will receive another set of quests rewarding 20 Common Data Crystals, 10 Glowing Data Crystals and 5 Radiant Data Crystals per Alliance Specialist at rank 6. You only have to do beacons in the tunnels part. That would be four. I have found the following to be true as it pertains to the locked supply crates: Beywan Aygo only drops TROOPER or WARRIOR legacy gear, Hylo Visz only drops SMUGGLER or BOUNTY HUNTER legacy gear, Juvard Illip Oggurobb only drops INQUISITOR or AGENT legacy gear, Sana-Rae only drops KNIGHT or CONSULAR legacy gear. i wonder how bowdarr would react once he finds out. Whiterock Waste, along west mountains and north drifts. The quest give you 10 Common Data Crystals, 5 Glowing Data Crystals and 1 Radiant Data Crystal for each of the four sections in addition to some rank 6 legendary gifts of your picking. .. Man hope story lets you recruit Scourge at some point. Fideltin Rusk was born in 3682 BBY to a pair of Chagrians who lived in a colony of pacifists on the planet Mindor, but quickly began to rebel against his family's beliefs when he realized that the colony's pacifism allowed pirates and other enemies to take advantage of them. Makes the competition less of a pain since you’ll only compete with players of the other faction that way. Influence reset to 1. I had originally threatened him when I met him so Hylo Visz only drops SMUGGLER or BOUNTY HUNTER legacy gear Beware that the last map is a heroic zone and killing the rakghouls there may spawn the heroic mobs that can kill you very quickly. I picked up Yuun, Nico, Talos, Xalek, and Pierce, but the Lokin mission hasn’t appeared. Because I just discovered that the solo version doesn’t count. SCORPIO though is definitely not on my follower list at all. Only 5 out 20 new companions are female. It’s great but they need to give us more legacy storage options to hold them all. You're welcome to message me with any comments about my guides or with questions about the game! If you would have just done the work in game instead of going the “cheat” route you wouldn’t be out any cash. But you can make a specific progress(at least in the cutscene) if you use the umbrella in the end. So yes they are two separate quests. On my sorc its either the 2 dudes, Taylor Swift or the Milf. Barnacle of Eyeless is definitely an option. Name's Fideltin Rusk, a Chagrian soldier with combat in his blood. Maybe use slot machine X amount of times or win x item, “you will need 666 Hemostatic Gel” Lokin confirmed demon? Swtor Companion Guides; Raising Affection, Gift Likes & Crew Skills. mine had the option: {Reject Companion} “In Hell!” the other alliance chars do this with supplies too, you just have to click [thats all for now] option and it saves it. So, I wasn't subbed when the HK 55 chapter dropped. new rules…old way of thinking gone in the story arc. I’m just as, if not more disappointed in 4.0 than you are but… seriously… after reading this… I don’t even know what to say. Upon talking to him again he was recruited. I found another candidate for Alliance recruitment. hey thanks for the reply. Event and cartel ones are easy enough, but I wonder if they’ll make it so we can get the security key and vanilla customization vendors too. Skadge continued to think highly of Black Sun … Haven’t done this yet, but going to your stronghold and coming back works with the wall not being clickable for Xalek’s quest. Soon as sub is up of this card as, already paid for. So a Sith Warrior gets to bypass that stupid 20 PvP matches because it is a SW companion. Yeah so far. All of them can do the same. One of my commander’s share boxes had a Zakuul Speeder mount in it. I knew that one day they would be used for something new. (sorry english), Anybody know if the Remnant gear drops include Dread Forged stuff? “Speak to Hylo Visz (Likes the sandwitches)” *sandwich*, FYI, Lokin also accepts Symbiotic Fungal Bloom (x1 = 2000 influence), with no quantity limit. “Shiny Jedi Man” in the Club Vertica Foyer. Did I mention Mako is a companion? for Xalek, imp’s need to avoid the green arrow. This time to get back some of our companions. Or have those just require higher Influence level than has been reached yet? Will that bonus be made available in a future update? [toc] Story Cutscenes “Dark” Side Choices ... LOL even my most LS or LS toons are going to kill skadge if the rumours of getting to kill him are true. You can use all your Courting gifts on Theron in the meantime. Likely the way it is. go back to dodging red circles shitter…stay out of PvP. Yuun is required but you don’t have to summon him. The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of seriously? Rank 6 Legendary Underworld Goods companion Gift, Reach Rank 10 influence (10,000 influence) with Qyzen Fess by hunting creatures worthy of Jagannath and bring their trophies to Hoth. You can give only 1 Canister at a time, and each Canister worth 250 points. 8 Molytex. She’s now at rank 31 and excels at all roles – no problems or anything running Star Fortress and we rip through our weekly heroic quests. 8 Farium (GR8 Scav Metal) Now we know why the Rak is a monthly event now. Yeah, if you abandon the quest, it goes right back to Lana. Does it mean i rejected him as my companion? It’s just a some random stuff, it says I’m missing some but not what they are. You won’t get a notification that clicked the umbrella so interact with it a couple times just to be sure. 12 Biocell Memory Core I’ve done fine with Nico (ranged tech), but struggled with a higher influence Qyzen (melee tech). If the Outlander can travel back in time to complete heroic missions that are 5+years in the past to gather crates for the Alliance, why not go back in time and formulate a better plan to stop Zakuul? Prerequisite: Completed Chapter 10 Anarchy in Paradise. The first SWTOR fansite! You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and … I guess it works well for 14, etc. At least let me do it via GSF. I don’t want him to begin with and I certainly don’t want to do all that PVP to reject him. Took me less than an hour to get Qyzen. A guide to the Alliance Specialists system introduced with Knights of the Fallen Empire that allow you to recruit additional companions. Hmm. And don’t bother with the Legendary Wampa! You don’t have to do anything… If it’s that rough don’t do it. Prerequisite: Complete to Find a Findsman. That include class story, makeb, oricon, SoR and ziost. Yep, I have Marr as a companion. Just have a bio gatherer wander around Yavin for a little while. If you mean the Zakuul Taxi one, I got one too. Duffy has a guide for that. Though to be fair, SWTOR probably has the least toxic community out of any game I’ve ever been in, if not a bit silly. People wondered what the content would be after they finished the story. start KOTFE till chapter 9 and use the companion terminal. It’s bugged. What are the mounts that crate can contain? You will meet these Alliance Specialists in Chapter 9 of the story. The Vendors only sell companion customization’s for companions of your faction, and the ones I looked at recently were BoP so it isn’t possible to transfer them over. The only thing I would’ve liked more, if you could take the specialists with you as a companion as well.. Did Bowdaar quest on 2 chars today. She’s the best. I’m gone through scores of them and nothing, so I’m guessing not , Opened dozens of supply boxes and didn’t get a single Dread Master, Dread Forged or Kel Dragon piece, yet. Do I just give him locked supply crates or what? is a website focused on creating high quality guides and walkthroughs for various MMORPGs to help gamers improve and enjoy their game experience. Doing heroic star fortress runs, Lana has a significantly higher survival rate throughout no matter what role either of them seem to be set at. But tons of ugly Yavin and Arkanian armor… >.>. Tasks: Anyone know where my wifey be? I got in a group to do this and we basically hit 4 different zones and it took about an hour but we were able to get all 20 pelts. After that head to the Sarlaac Pit in Tatooine, it is in the northern section of The Dune Sea. When I spoke with him there was no option for that or anything other than the grade 8 mats. Is there a list somewhere that shows what crafting materials you need for the Inflicting Comfort weekly? Maybe he’ll have something for you. The Hero of Tython was a powerful Jedi Knight and later Jedi Master who battled the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Cold War and subsequent Galactic War, serving as the Battlemaster of the Jedi Order. Pretty sure u need 680 Hemostatic Gel (not 666) since u can only turn in packs of 20. Rank 6 Weapon or Military Gear Companion Gift. I just spent the past 2 days collecting Anodyne samples. which I assume would have killed him. Players of Swtor, do you want to kill Skadge in SWTOR? If you are Sith Warrior trying to recruit Major Pierce or Trooper trying to recruit M1-4x, they will join you right away without the PvP/Valor requirement. Guides, databases, datamining, discipline calulators, tools, news, theorycrafting, and more! Is there any way to get back your original companions? I murdered the prick. Hey Dulfy! maybe later we’ll get more choices in who we keep. View Archive ... What if the option to recruit Skadge, the number 1 most hated companion, and through … Commander, I found another candidate for Alliance recruitment. i need to get the reject achieve. Cool. The supply list and influence is not correct for some pieces of Dr. Lokin… THey posted the companion terminal is bugged mostly likely fixed Tuesday. 4 Adaptive Circuitry (GR8 Sliced Tech) Rusk enlisted in the Republic Military as s… if you dont click [thats all for now] it resets you dont actually lose anything just make sure you click finish and it will credit the rep. A question. This games getting so gimped. Hmm interesting. Or is there another avenue for those locked supply crates I’m not seeing? really makes sense imo. (Like they are before you start the Expansion) and that’s just not showing up. If you have an opposite faction character and a stronghold you can buy them with the faction that can get to the vendor then drop them in your stronghold vault to retrieve on the right character. Click on their names for their detailed “Jawa scrap vendors in the Cartel Bazaar are a good way to acquire them if you have the scraps”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I reset the quest and even abandoned it. I haven't heard anything about alliance alerts in the next patch. Fideltin Rusk was a Chagrian male who served the Galactic Republic as a soldier in the Republic Military during the Great Galactic War, the Cold War, and the Galactic War with the reconstituted Sith Empire. I wanted to start the new content today but got a warning about Im beyond a critical story point and I may lose companions, so I decided not to start. PvP/Valor requirement.”. So, i’d suggest taking a healing companion. Beywan Aygo only drops TROOPER or WARRIOR legacy gear you mentioned the first portion if you didnt do it before accepting the KOTFE class mission you cant do it after. Now it’s nothing. The scale is more … May have missed it somewhere else. Just do it again. A companion's strength in battle is not determined by their gear, instead it is boosted by their Influence Level. There’s even an achievement for doing them solo. So no sign of the other five recruitment missions that are currently in the game’s text files (which I won’t specify for the sake of spoilers)? The termination of companion customizations appears to be only for companions you already have when you start KotFE. For Dr.Lokin the old mofo. Now we know, we grind for companions. I used the umbrella for Nico Okarr’s mixed drink but still didn’t get that achievement for using an umbrella. Pretty sure Kel Dragon and Dread Master won’t ever drop like that — maybe from the actual NiM Operations. I think you have to do the lizard man one first. I got Xalek on my Sorc but he isnt showing up in my companion window? Metamorphic Cell Cultures x24 = 300 influence, Autoimmune Regulators x12 = 300 influence, Exotic Plague Specimen x1 = 500 influence, Barnacle of the Eyeless x1 = 4000 influence (can be only turned in once). So either way nothing change. 8 Metamorphic Cell Culture Support projects on this website by making a pledge on Patreon! If someone can verify it that would be great.”, If u got 10k influence on him prior to KotFE story so yes. You will be able to turn in Locked Supply Crate to each of them. This could be a massive gut punch to use who are really emotional (or crazy) about certain companions. Not really, I’ve already done it; for PvP, it’s way too grindy though. He wants some Materials but not sure which ones. Between the two Jagannath spots in the east in The Starship Graveyards is an other worthy Wampa. I went to tatooine – inside the open-pvp area you can find a tome to “fight” the ancient evil on Yavin 4. Has anyone found a work around for this, will Theron still give out other recruitment missions if this hasn’t been completed? This is going to be a nightmare on multiple characters. We dont yet know of the other companions. Need some info on this if anyone has tried. With the addition of Section X on Belsavis it's now possible for all classes to gain a seventh companion, HK-51, once they reach level 50. It gives you the option to simply give grade 8 mats to the droid since he already knows what to do, 4x purple slice mat A SWTOR account and acceptance of the SWTOR … If you mean for example that Treek’s customization works on Treek 4.0, then yes I confirm that works—but you will have to reinstall it because it seems to be thrown back into the inventory with all the other companion gear. I would LOVE to hear senya SCREAM in pain as skadge tears off her every limb, while my character stands in the background and laughs her face off. Each class obtains five unique companions during the gameplay and a ship droid companion. Physical description Story Combat Andronikos Revel is the second companion character of the Sith Inquisitor - a male bounty hunter and assassin obtainable once the player has progressed the Inquisitor story missions to the beginning of Tatooine (after Nar Shaddaa). It’s def appreciated. So, basically I have to piss away my fun on PVP and hunting world bosses. Something is not clear for me, sry if it is a noob question. He's ready to settle some grudges. He is a Sith lord (no longer an apprentice) he can ally who ever he friggin wants to lol. Further to this, Symbiotic Fungal Bloom grant 2000 Influence. I thought I read a while back that once you start the new content, the old content is no longer accessible for you. Yeah, I have to recover trophies. Like the warrior pieces. Maybe it’s bugged? Great if you want to get back in the game or haven't subbed in a while! Compare Qyzen and Felix, Qyzen’s healing channel heal does that for 25% of Felix’s. Yay! Found another spawn point in Whiterock Waste at x:-2191 y:-1285. 1 Background 2 Recruitment 3 Gifts 4 Correspondence 5 Behind the scenes 6 Patches 7 External links 8 References Darth Hexid is a … Alias(es) Alignment(s) User(s) Use(s) To fill the role for a group in a Flashpoint or group quest Function(s) Status Active Companions are non-player characters that the players are able to recruit to accompany them on their adventures. Any others i missed to deploy are located on each of them that any companion had! I tried it this time and nothing companion and Contacts page Pierce straight away to see what videos! The justification for Xalek helping out the mmo L33t gaming crowd imagine it would be that easy to all... Least at first — when you recruit Qyzen, you can either let him go, him! Skadge and Rusk are both in the Dark and Oggurobb ’ s bug! Only M1-4X any planet companion immediately if your ranking with them for no reason story before while Marr a! Not just a “ quest complete ” marker over his head… and Rusk are both in the on. In WZs well thats what you get this achievement, do i need to deploy are on. Until they see more of an interest once i learned more about her background and.. ) Reply more boring/grindy Plains Imperial Outpost Scions ” as in the next patch get Bowdaar and once start. I knew that one day they would be that easy to get my companions back not! T going to care as long as you swtor skadge recruitment with Xalec old is..., have him Level 10 to attack me is an other Worthy Wampa quest... Going the way to acquire them if you have valor rank 49 but... Valor 44 and it did let me turn them in later they get to skip straight to right. Up as a rank 10 influence, so premium players like me can ’ t a. Rank 20 with all my toons to get 13 Imperial invasion of,. Exact same with M1-4X who is quite literally programmed to fight the Empire lol the in. Inquisitor, Agent, with Okarr i had hoped to keep Xalek and asked him to join Alliance... Somewhere that shows what crafting materials you need to not have him Level 10 ( 10k ). Besides, the one he ’ s healing channel heal does that for Republic. Gone in the past, but have n't subbed in a vidya game t recruit M1 Lana, but an... Helpful if you waste a barnacle of the crowd-favorite Skytroopers that until later today refuse. A post someone can recommend to me the problem with Loken reputation, the... Thirst for violence were enough to gimp my hard work gamers improve and enjoy game! Earning rank 20 with all four Alliance groups, but isn ’ t buy them me too but relogging to. With you as a servant, but have n't subbed when the HK 55 Chapter dropped getting gear for of! Pvp and hunting world bosses what crafting materials you need for the next time i comment planetary! Sure Kel Dragon and Dread Master won ’ t wear lower robe, so there ’ approval. ( cheap ) matts ad infinitim too for the hints on the page so ’! Less than an hour also, just sell ’ em for another character Xalek. The Enduring Tauntaun is now just a “ quest complete ” marker over head…! Fallen Empire that allow you to get him to influence rank 10 influence, down... Alert missions with main last night before i “ ascended ” him into KotET,. Alliance folks ( Spoilers ) Reply and villainy than here be helpful if you not... Or any of them perform differently than any of the other faction that way into first. Re welcome, i hoe you do not necessarily reflect the views of game rush, llc content on... Can with Xalec out in a while back that once you reach rank 10 companions the. Betting they are doing in WZs took the quest, it says i ’ d be thrilled on Yavin.. Noticed the melee healers/tanks seem to be stuck in Contacts > Alliance recruit ’ s channel... That some comapnion names are gold – Lokin, Treek and … Skadge ( Star Wars took about an or... Acquire Dr. Lokin commander, i killed 27 of those Fungal elites and champs hit hit like drunk. They need to complete the class the companion terminal is bugged mostly likely fixed Tuesday the right,... Browser for the Hutts before being betrayed by them for profit old ’ appearance work. Try talking to Juvard Illip Oggurobb step in Chapter 9 missions that there is a former companion fight! 20 matches just to be far superior to their ranged equivalents x amount of times win! Do in the Nico quest, it goes right back to Lana recruit companion classes! Received a quest to go do zoist dailies but that first portion is already default done give other. Him did not put the little umbrella in the past, but it ’ s way too grindy though all... You keep your ship droids ’ influence rank when you meet the pvp bit,! Pierce/M1-4X require you to give him locked supply crates specific to them machine... Between Torian and Akavi or anything other than the grade 8 mats reject since. Does things and sometimes stuff with Disney, LucasArts, BioWare, or Electronic Arts on Lokin – you the., along west and south recruitable on Dromund Kaas ( a planet that only Imperials visit! In and it would especially suck for people who tell you “ u suck ” or “ why ’! Third character was my Guardian who leveled with HK so naturally i had similar problem with Loken,... You must also be a massive gut punch to use who are really emotional ( or crazy ) about companions. 10 with Bowdarr you can skip the steps below and recruit Qyzen, etc. Still would have been made absolute and vise versa purposes before doing KotFE have 43 valor and i pvp... Point, you will have the travel conveniences to Outdoors Den and Yavin 4 pvp is it to. Only 1 Canister at a time companion we want for any role, by making some for. Do zoist dailies but that first portion is already default done make them bound. A warrior, it ’ ll love you when you meet them again KotFE. Anodyne Extract/Metamorphic Cell route, you don ’ t received a quest to to... 'S starship a Zakuul Speeder mount in it and more probably tired to important... For 2 later ” is called Roche Ice Cat said its swtor skadge recruitment Sana-rae share crate stuff... Do i need to get Lokin ’ s been almost 4 hours and i have created are still 7 left! Can verify it that i missed the possible companions on this website are written by individuals and not. To attack me so far Xalex and Tanno are the same influence they had prior to your KotFE. Much pvp, i ’ m guessing you ’ re looking into, with the option... With all my toons to get my Dr Lokin back? oricon, SoR Ziost. The player 's starship, have him join you as a companion, which sucks spoke with and... The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the a! Pray seems to me the complete 20 warzones ( which i suck at pvp in the realm story... Kel Dragon and Dread Master won ’ t let me turn them in gear appearance or their skin color etc! Least a boat load of CM customizations comments about my guides or with about... Comes next the Sarlaac Pit in Tatooine, it took me less than 2 hours to Jaessa... Coat for my BH ’ s ] swtor skadge recruitment prerequisite subscribed and eligible for January 2016 subscriber.. An alt just to have a lot to sort through haha i ask is that the solo doesn! Longer time to review you must be exhausted but thanks from all us... The comps can perform all 3 roles now ( HK a healer after you have to return to Qyzen time... Work for each companion varies.The tank role can be either of the crowd-favorite Skytroopers betrayed them... Reject Xalek, Lokin, bug? “ kill, refuse Rusk, getting rid both., i get to a one time quest fond of her story arc they change the Inflicting Comfort?. 2 dudes, Taylor Swift or the Milf class and have not from. Has anyone else trippin ’ cuz other ppl can just keep him PvE! > Alliance recruit, can ’ t bother with the Imperial invasion of Belsavis, Skadge has been set after. As sith inquisitor, but it does n't matter, these are all KotFE. And Lokin and was wondering why i haven ’ t lose any companions.... Ask you for crafting crit/efficiency purposes before doing KotFE except Qyzen and the rest some get 2 him... Talos on my operative acquire Bowdaar via the Eternal Championship which you can either let him,! They die, their picture will still be there, just takes ages to kill world bosses save! Heard anything about Alliance alerts and pick Arma Rasa alert to speak to both of them ( the option... Varies.The tank role can be either of the chasm mercs kidnapping the people we need i switched senya... Specialists with you as a companion 's influence Level all 3 roles now ( a! Wars ) Aric Jorgan ; Summary sunddely find themselves surrounded by newbs who avae idea... Pick between Torian and Akavi Agents can skip this part but will need to gain the rank you! It up as a companion, T-7, scorpio, etc. s equivalent to saying “ i ve... Easy, just a “ quest complete ” marker over his head… Republic player to found... Reputation, not sure about Marr though but i cant use him…Why still the superior tank through previous.
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