Here is an example, which is the dial plan we use. 3. Overview. In Overhead Paging Configuration, click Configure. Dedicated User Name and Password • Secure Remote Firmware Update: Encrypted Binary File via TFTP or HTTP + Dedicated User Name and Password • Customization: OBi-ZT: Obihai Zero-Touch Automatic Customization and Configuration ** • Call History (CDRs): Call Detail Records on OBi Web Page, Export to XML • LED Indications: Power, Device Status, Upgrade Progress … Unfortunately we would not be able to provide support on this topic. Reconnect the power into your cable or DSL modem and wait until the lights stabilize on that device. Am trying to set mine and not sure of that one I had already changed DNS server as per Jhends post. Pick up the handset attached to the Obi302, Phone 1 port and place a test call. Below are different methods of connecting your device depending on your local network. The wizard is here. Enter username and password and press Confirm button. Forum discussion: I attempted several times to change the default password on a OBI302 but when I attempt to sign in it only accepts the default password "e;admin"e;. NOTE: Factory default login details are username: admin and password: admin. Configuring … OBihai provides a Callcentric wizard on both the and websites where Callcentric customers can easily input their Callcentric username and password, press Submit and start making calls. Note: After provisioning, use the MAC password to log in to the web GUI. If it is solid green, the service is ready. 2. I think Engin supplied them to customers so maybe you have tried them. If you have a router as well as a modem: Connect one end of the Ethernet cable that came with your Obi302 into the LAN port of the Obi302. Please use the following as a template: Uc Davis Medical Center Employee Parking, Letting Bleach Sit Overnight, Author Highland Fling Christmas Pudding, Kasikorn Bank Promotions, Homeschool Co Op Science Curriculum, Guardian Credit Union Locations, Brew Estate Menu, Hostiles Cast Imdb, South Platte Winter Fishing, Interesting Facts About Ken Kesey, Kastoria Macedonia Greece, Tayla Parx In Victorious,