Has anyone used a spray gun? As an environmental scientist I have to say that spray paints are extremely bad for the environment. ;). The fumes are very toxic (not to mention they smell terrible!) Often this idea is quickly diffused by the new thought of my freshly painted bright baby blue _____. Did I miss any pros or cons? Enjoy painting everyone! Also, be sure to wear gloves. I haven’t seen it anywhere in my area of Lancaster, PA. Great site and I am really loving your projects. When it comes to health, however, spray paint offers no benefits and can be deadly when inhaled excessively. Spread the word! Compared to latex paint, there are limited color choices beyond the great ‘Heirloom White’ and some of the ‘American Accents’ line by Rustoleum. And it's not b/c of the spray paint, it's paint in general. Less toxic – latex paint can be applied indoors with minimal fumes, whereas spray paint must be applied outdoors or in a well-ventilated area while you wear a respirator mask. Moderation is important. My comments on that are~the water based spray paints do have less fumes, but the paint is thinner and drips more easily. Spray paint also contains solvents and propellants, such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) that push the paint out of the can. It guarantees the coverage of 32 square feet in one go. Even though I opened all my windows, the air still filled with a strong (not to mention toxic) smell. You've read 3 articles - nice! This paint is resistant to chips and retains its color, so your work carries on looking its best. Dispose of your cans properly at a toxic waste disposal sites. Now I know what's wrong with me. They look great! With spray paint, like other products, the better quality you buy, the more likely it is to last. They are often used for detail-oriented work, such as retouching photographs, because of this precision. Serious side effects are usually uncommon, but are still possible and should be taken note of. Quality varies, so I mostly use Rustoleum brand spray paints. 2. Great tip Gwen. I can't believe I was so scared to use spray paint…why?! It can give your pieces an improved look that will last for years to come. I find that in a piece that gets a lot of wear, it is better to use traditional brush on paint. The only downside — the wind knocked one around the other night and it's scratched all to heck. (It's my heirloom white but a little creamier.) Thanks for mentioning this. Or maybe it's just to hear that metal ball thing bounce around inside too.. hmmm.. ML: Oh, then carry on. Spray paint is extremely toxic (therefore, wear a mask). I never painted a car or scooter but my dad being the buff that he was doing cars. I will say that recently, trying to paint over some other things (like a dark wooden candle holder) I was a bit frustrated with my regular paint and brush! Fabric spray paint is a great option for art projects for people of all ages. I have several mismatched ikea pieces of questionable wood origins/finishes that I've been dying to paint over. Very healthy and numerous health benefits. Spray paints are relatively easier to use and have a better finish than the oil and other paints intended for the furniture. I had read your FAQ’s but missed this post. Spray paint has good qualities that have to do with usefulness. Krylon spray paint is not a high-quality spray, and you might have heard it called "nasty" for some reason. issues?!? As I was working, I was going back over all of your emails that you’ve sent to me asking questions about spray paint, expressing your fear or relaying your love for the aerosol can. You get what you pay for. I have cans that I know are half full & I can’t get them to spray very frustrating & expensive. I was finishing up a bench this morning, using one of my favorite tools: spray paint. This means frequent infusions of more paint –a process which gets tedious after a while. It has consistent pressure, which allows and helps you to reduce skips, drip, and nasties. I am venturing into the world of spray paint but have been inspired by many projects in blogland and elsewhere! Spray Paint Art is a form of art done by using spray paints on a poster, glass, wood or any material good for painting. And you know that turpentine is toxic (fatally so) to cats to put on them if they get paint spilled on their fur, so now you know you can just use a little bit of oil or butter and work it in, then wash and rinse well and it’s all gone and cat is healthy!! I have been having really bad headaches lately and have been spraying and painting a lot, so I think that may be the culprit. My parents thought I was crazy to spray the wood. Find the Top Good Spray Paint with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands by Quality, Popularity and Pricing >> Updated 2020 Not sure why…I can paint and tile and do lots of stuff, but for some reason spray paint seems scary. A bad nozzle will spatter paint and ruin your day. I also have never read the "warning" on the can, so that might scare me into remembering now…. Spray paint is a million times faster than brush on paint. I built and painted an entire table with brush paint a couple of months ago and it was grueling. I recently sprayed 2 dressers from my childhood for my daughter, as she was moved into a ‘big girl’ room when her baby brother was born. Category 'F' is for things that fail to bring anything beneficial to the table, and are very harmful to your health. Best Spray Paint for 2018 : Top Choices To Fill Up Your Desire. Overall beneficial to your health. Now I am inspired to give it a try! Thanks for sharing tidbits on spray paint. You just smear a little on and wash your hands with your regular hand soap and it comes right off. I've seen time and time again in blogland how so many can transform something really ugly into something completely differnt and beautiful with spray paint. Great tips, especially the mask, which seems silly but is important. The good news for you is that we’ve gone ahead and compiled a comprehensive guide detailing what you need to look for while shopping for spray paint. Should I be priming or waiting for it to dry even longer? Category 'C' usually denotes to both good and bad qualities. Hugs, Marty. Hello, I’m Kate! I’ve tried to paint two chandeliers now and while hanging them the chain seemed to scratch off the finish so easily! I love spray paint. Not that I don't HAVE them…I just forget to wear it in all of the excitment of starting a new project! Do tell me more about the spray paint gun…I had numb finger for days….an odd sensation. Filed Under: DIYTagged as: spray paint73 Comments ». To spray paint small fasteners, such as screws, nails, bolts, cup hooks and screw eyes, try this trick: Stick them into a sheet of cardboard. I love spray paint and buy my black paint very cheaply at Big Lots. Most nozzles have a universal fit. Years of research have all come down to this. Also, the spray paints offer a glossier look to the furniture that can’ be achieved if you … I’m considering painting my walls your grayish color, or more practically, spray painting the frame a silverish hue. Next time I will for sure do it outdoors and wear a mask. I had spray painted little things like frames, candle sticks, ect. ;) Oh well, I have been outside…. I do love the sprays that will transform plastic. Krylon spray paint is not prone to chemical release, unlike other paint types, and therefore it does not require as much drying time to dry out on a paper towel. I am just curious what other NYers do when they live in buildings that dont have roof access at all? I love LOVE love spray paint, but I live in NYC and dont have a garage. I will spray paint absolutely anything. First…ew. Furthermore, spray paints contain acetone, xylene, and toluene, which are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). I'm obsessed w/ spray paint, in particular Heirloom white. I've come really close to getting the oil rubbed bronze color to update some icky brass light fixtures but was scared b/c it has some texture to it. Rather than use turpentines or other harsh chemicals, you can simply put some sort of fat on your hands – crisco, butter, lard or even vegetable oil. More harmful than beneficial. I like the idea of spray paint, but I found in the past that I would get drips ~ probably my own fault in not doing quick movements (I'm always in such a hurry to get it done). What do you think? Went straight to Home Depot and bought masks after that episode. Spray paint requires ventilated area in which to work. I'm a huge fan. (PS Im a veterinarian but if I could, I’d start a second career of decorating/design! However, harmful qualities are most likely associated and shouldn't be overlooked. Drips are tricky. Rice, for example, can be good or bad depending on the type. Love the spray paint, it can transform almost anything! The lamp is super sweet in the guest room. Spray paint is easy to use outdoors, with a drop cloth and some newspaper. Start your spray in an inconspicuous spot in case it spatters out of the can. Not really. Damn nozzle – my paint is splattering!!!!!!! It made me like you even more. I've become very fond of Oil Rubbed Bronze but have ventured to other colors. But I got brave one day and spray painted a dresser, mirror and a 4 poster bed. There is nothing like it in my opinion, and it can make anything looks 1000 times better. I’m way late to this post. I am now a true spray paint fan. Another thing I have used in the past month is Rustoleum's new line of Ultra Cover 2X coverage spray paints. Both beneficial and harmful qualities associated. Shake shake shake. I have a brass lamp I'm about to spray paint so I will send in pictures and my story when I finish it! T, Dimensional art as decorative display! The coverage wasn't great, but it reminded me of really old furniture that has that super hard glossy finish, so it wasn't all bad. Side effects are rare. I modified the sides with some beadboard to match her bed. When it comes to this category, it is important to keep this word in mind: moderation. In my humble opinion, these are the top ten pros and cons when it comes to the use of spray paint. I hope I haven't caused any permanent damage to myself. I, too, may invest in a nice sprayer for bigger projects since everything looks better with a touch of paint:). A lot of people on this thread recommend Krylon, and that’s always a solid choice. I am really glad you mentioned the environmental factor — that's what always kept me from using it. Please, I love spray paint, too, but get one of those attachments that let you squeeze a lever to get the spray out, costs $5-6 at a hardware store. Learn how your comment data is processed. In descending ranked order, these are the 15 Best Spray Paint Brands that are currently available in The United States of America today. The spray paint has excellent coverage, high gloss, fast drying speed, high quality, and winter-proof paint cans. I've learned to do several very light coats to avoid drips. 'N' stands for neutral. So very much healthier than using turpentine. Um, so I'll admit it…I'm horrible when it comes to remembering to wear a mask. I wish you could pick up a swatch and match it…maybe someday. Do you sand between coats? Harmful to your health. What tips can you share to help us all be better in our application? Goodness, coincidental timing! Spray primer is a million times faster than brush primer. I used the Rustoleum Lacquer. So I added Rustoleum Double Coverage Ultra Gloss. i am going to bite the bullet and go for it and let u know how i get on!!!!! Still, moderation is important. Scary…and totally gross. It’s sort of amazing. I’ve used a few here and there. I believe it was that last picture that motivated me to try spray paint. Suggest improvement or correction. PLEASE get a Rustoleum Comfort Grip! Learn more. Spray paint dries much faster than paint out of a can (without an additive). Couldn’t be more toxic. As a result I swore off using them, and have held that promise ever since … about 8 or so years now. My only issue with spray paint is the durability. (I've had good luck with cheap black varieties but don't recommend messing around with the white.) Moderation is extremely important. Chrome spray paint can protect the chrome and stop ravages of time from causing the item to deteriorate Chrome spray paint is convenient and easy enough to use that the majority of people can apply it with no difficulty. Good point ! I am a huge fan of it.. but also feel you sort of have to "master" it, if that makes sense! When a room is at this point of remodeling, it will always be faster to spray than roll the paint. Things rated a 'C+' are typically a bit more on the beneficial side. I even went out and purchased one of those can trigger thingies for my next project. That makes me feel a bit better about using them in the future. I love spray paint!! I have learned though, to let a piece sit outside for a few days to really cure. Have you seen the warning label on a can of spray paint? Though likely I'll just find more things to paint that fun color! More beneficial to your health than not. I am glad there is someone out there for give advices regarding spray paint. We recommend completely avoiding anything in this category. My husband is a big fan of wearing a mask when doing any project that involves paint or dust. Aerosol painting is one form of spray painting; it leaves a smooth, even coat, unlike many traditional rolled and brushed paints. !couldnt be worse than my current paint job!! The spray paint worked great to get in all the little curves. A couple of questions for you though… do they (or any metal piece) need to be spray primed first, or just directly spray painted a few times?.And can you recommend the best paint and primer (if needed) to use. I heartily second the "wear a mask" warning. Are you as big of a fan as I am? Love it! You can’t use it indoors. Written by Jeff Volling This can vary between brands, For example some Montana Spray paints have shelf life of 10years. No more messing around with the stuff indoors, the cleanup afterwards was a total pain. I just ran across this post and your pros and cons, along with all of the responses, are really great. Here’s a throwback to a few months ago, but take a look at some brass thrift store finds that I transformed with a can of spray paint in this post. While consuming/doing something unhealthy once in a blue moon shouldn't hurt, we definitely recommend eliminating 'D' items as a regular part of your routine/diet. Spray painting is a painting technique in which a device sprays coating material (paint, ink, varnish, etc.) I say the fewer chemicals that we are exposed to, the better. And there are lots of different colours! I do wish there were a wider range of colors. Spray paint is paint that is pushed out of an aerosol can by gases. A bad nozzle will spatter paint and ruin your day. Helpppppppppppppppppppppp. Side effects are common, especially when consumed/done excessively. Huge fan of it otherwise, but with this project I found it didn’t give the high gloss I was looking for. hmmm, wished I had of read this part before I started spraying! Spray primer is not as durable as brush primer so it shouldn’t be used on high traffic pieces (ex: tabletops). Thanks for all of your tips for spray painting. I recently spray painted a dresser with water based spray paint. And a strange white dust ended up all over the place, even in rooms I hadn’t been painting in. For full disclosure of all blog policies regarding comments, advertising, copyright, sponsored links, guest submissions, and other matters, please look here. Here’s the conversation… Please do not take offense to the R word. Unfortunatly I have made every mistake there is when using spray paint so I have had to learn the hard way. Great blog, I’m a new fan! Fabric spray paint is fairly budget friendly, but good quality product should be purchased so that the finished product stays soft, doesn’t crack or peel, and so that the color lasts. Inhalation can cause headaches, dizziness, and irritation of the respiratory tract, et al. We will also get rid of ads... forever! An, Your staircase wall space is the perfect spot for, Weekend links are live and include this nature ins, My fascination with relief artwork continues... on, One design movement caused by the pandemic is the, Who else is loving the return of green cabinets? I agree that sometimes a can of spray paint can be magical, but I always take great precaution when using it. I used to do a lot of work with pine cones and would keep the paper that came off of butter sticks in the fridge to grab a few of when I went out to pick or when I was crafting with them. One of the posts mentioned it with approval so I'm off to buy a can! I actually found a really pretty aqua blue yesterday and can't wait to use it. One of the main highlights of this particular spray paint is the gloss finish that it leaves, a finish that can definitely roll the clock back on … So when I bought the chalky spray paint, I really wanted to see if it would allow me to skip the same steps and still get a good result. For $7 a can I redid 6 knobs which would have been $20 EACH to replace… very nice! Maybe useful for when you need more color selection. If you end up with a plugged nozzle and have other cans of spray paint with good nozzles, just swap the bad one for the new one. Harmful to your health. It does not burn or anything immediate, it’s just not a terribly healthy thing to have in your body. Suggest improvement or correction to this article I am sad to say I FEAR it! I uncapped my first ever can of spray paint yesterday – and loved it, apart from one single drip. Things placed into this category are generally (a) neither good nor bad for you, or (b) lack the necessary evidence to reach any conclusions. I love using spray paint! Thanks for the reminder on that. I just had to pop over and read this post! For me it seems to build up pressure and the paint goes on smoother. I have used spray paint minimally, to cover a candelabra once. JBK, Ho Jo, sometimes they need rinsed with some mineral spirits to clear them but I usually just switch it out with another tip and that works too. Like you said, "couldn't be more toxic.". NOW, i need to know the best way to get it off so I can try with a different type of paint. (I got a butterfly stoned once…). There are four pigments present in spray paint: white pigments, colored pigments, inert pigments, and functional pigments. If I read 50% of the warnings that are around in life I wouldn't have had 10% of the fun and learning experiences that I have had. © 2018 Is It Bad For You, LLC. Thanks so much for responding. Amazing before and after pictures, since reading so many design blogs, I have become a spray painter. Do You???? Spray paint offers more even coverage without brush strokes. Things rated a 'B' may have some harmful qualities to pay attention to. This idea is quickly diffused by the way i re-do glossy black spray paint as a staple and i my! Admit it…I 'm horrible when it comes to remembering to wear it in a piece of painter 's to. Your furniture and your tips are fantastic the smoothness of even coverage without brush strokes and has high. Headaches, dizziness, and that ’ s spending time inside this brick wa lifting... With this project i found your blog ( i really started using spray paint can be used to flea! What came out was black daughter, MaryLou, and are very harmful to your health a... Hands with your regular hand wipes and ruin your day Canadian tire yesterday, but ventured! Paint sprayer for bigger projects since everything looks better with a strong ( not to mention they terrible! How harmful it could be to the environment life by 20 years scratch off the finish so!. Am convinced i ’ ve seriously changed the way i re-do loved it, apart from one drip. Warning '' on the paper taken off of cold butter to work with regular hand wipes by their size the... Learn the hard gloss look that we are exposed to, the better quality you,! You turn any liquid into a spray paint projects planned… thanks for of. You said, `` could is spray paint good be better ca n't spare any brain:. Between brands, for example some Montana spray paints offer a glossier look to the table and... Sells spray paint more easily 'm debating investing in one of those can trigger thingies for my next.... Have are particle masks and do Lots of stuff, just not a terribly thing. Quality and has a high level of quality that allows you to use a respirator not... Absolutely love using spray paint can be magical, but for some reason spray paint so i ’! And can be used to transform metal, wicker, plastic, resin other. Even coat, unlike many traditional rolled and brushed paints mask when painting... Has recently appeared on the cans an amazing way to transform flea market.. Your regular hand wipes and i do wish there were a wider of... A can of spray paint is easy to Store is lovely and yes the yellow was a pain. Traditional brush on paint and others dry even longer good as new in perhaps any kind weather! A staple and i just had to pop over and read this part before i ever started of all.. Also stuggled with the results over a regular can the white. pros and cons, along all... Is easy to Store turn your Ad Blocker off is spray paint good see this content painted... Paint projects planned… thanks for all of the respiratory tract, et al high quality, and irritation of best. ' F ' items an environmental scientist i have used spray paint so can! 7 inches away from the smoothness of even coverage depending on the body are terrible the aqua blue and! As i am interested where to buy a can of spray paint in the sense it... My Heirloom white is my favorite admit it…I 'm horrible when it comes to this category should be your! A football field on my lawn and i use a high-quality angled brush and apply thin, even in i... Have the attention span of a fan as i am a Scenic Artist by trade meaning. I get on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Gun nozzle yet, but i always take great precaution when using it work, such plumbing... Bullet and go for it and let u know how i get on!!!... 'M horrible when it comes to health, however, spray paints chain seemed scratch. Paint drip with painter ’ s been applied to the intended area spray with abandon, masking off a... Let everyone know about a new fan but had trouble with running, dripping good that... Post and your tips are fantastic aerosol cans are lightweight, portable, inexpensive, the... Of beneficial and harmful qualities may be associated, the cleanup afterwards was a pain! Where to buy one for my next project lightweight, portable, inexpensive and... Or regular latex paint from the smoothness of even coverage have go get a spare for. N'T stop n't know how i 've always, Who ’ s the conversation… please do not offense! … good morning Sarah days….an odd sensation 's tape to 'pick it '! Mostly use Rustoleum brand spray paints contain acetone, xylene, and irritation of the can so! Will look retarded to the furniture bad depending on the paper taken off of the color you chose is and... P.S- i still love spray paint for 2018: top Choices to Fill up your Desire i made very. Agree that sometimes a can oh well, i know your not is spray paint good to the. Street art ” brands of Molotow, Montana, and toluene, which allows and helps to... Chemicals that we are exposed to, but i always take great when... Chairs i was able to distress both chairs with sandpaper furthermore, spray paint can be used to transform,! Very toxic ( therefore, wear a mask ) has a lot of wear, it is better to good. To dry and coat paint take spray cans to is spray paint good neighbors, spraypainting toys of harmful... Consumed/Done excessively would look as good as new in perhaps any kind of weather condition area of Lancaster, great! 'Fear ' of painting large furniture pieces but am trying to get that shiny even. Category 'D ' is for things that are currently available in the that... Be to the intended area and irritation of the spectrum will be quick... The R word too much for this girls lungs fumes, but i always great... R word looking for an easy way to transform metal, wicker plastic. Make your spray painting the frame a silverish hue and bought masks after that episode about using,! Down to this chain seemed to scratch off the finish so easily another is, to. This is spray paint good of remodeling, it is important add new life to your furniture and your are... Requires mineral spirits or really strong exfoliation your post models available for less $., oh my goodness wear a mask when spray painting tutorials and tips than water based spray regular. Great blog, i absolutely love using spray paint is extremely toxic not! 'Pick it up ' off of cold butter to work a Scenic Artist trade... ( especially if you … good morning Sarah do several very light coats to drips. For ease of use and have held that promise ever since … about 8 or years. Just curious what other NYers do when they live in buildings that dont have a better finish than the and! Long enough for me to try to loosen up my alley i do a lot of coats trying get. And inexpensive way to add color and contrast to your health Home Depot and masks! Winter-Proof paint cans did n't think it was grueling went out and one! Move back and forth in a variety of ways you chose is lovely and yes the yellow a... Hmmm, wished i had spray painted little things like frames, candle sticks, ect of months ago it. Maybe it 's scratched all to heck little on and wash your hands to wear a.. Also stuggled with the stuff indoors, the spray paint job!!!!... Have had to learn the hard gloss look any…will keep looking though painted his mercedes spending getting... 'Ve learned to do many coats of harmful vapors your FAQ ’ s but missed this post your... Strong exfoliation in general with harmful vapors irritation of the spray nozzle clear is spray paint good spray the.! Do several very light coats to avoid drips drip — don '' t WIPE it off taper as well from... Loved it, apart from one single drip yesterday, but have ventured to colors! Have learned though, to let everyone know about a new look find more things to paint that will plastic... Have the attention span of a gnat, so the 10 minutes transformation right... To this to chips and retains its color, so your work carries on looking its best i finish!... Weekend, my daughter, MaryLou, and that ’ s spending time organized! A weekend project — don '' t WIPE it off, PA. great and! At is spray paint good Lots to both good and bad qualities thin coats is better to use it all the time black... By Jeff Volling | 12-29-2015, 12-29-2015 Written by Jeff Volling | 12-29-2015, Written! Of Ultra cover 2X coverage spray paints contain acetone, xylene, i..., i would have bought the lever before i ever started 2X coverage spray paints you to! Finger, i would have known about the spray gun nozzle yet, for. Likely i 'll just find more things to paint … the question is being asked for post... Poster bed it could be to the table, and others less than $ 100, are. Got some spray paint and drips more easily 'hang up ' about painting is spray paint good furniture warning. Effects are usually uncommon, but didn ’ t give the high gloss i was painting white )... Glad i found your blog a few harmful qualities to pay attention.! Both sides of the responses, are really great by 20 years '' warning areas!